$20k from Amazon Studios: Amazon tells us how to win...

$20k from Amazon Studios: Amazon tells us how to win...

It's a great time to be a part of Amazon Studios.

I just uploaded the latest scene from my test movie here, so watch and review it if the desire speaks to you. Thanks!

Folks are busy hustling to get their screenplays uploaded to Amazon Studios before the first December 31, 2010, deadline -- and Amazon Studios is doing everything they can to keep folks updated on how to get closer to winning those first $20,000 script prizes by chiming in on the forums and on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

The cool thing is, not a lot of folks know about the contest yet -- and even few folks have uploaded any kind of "movie" to go with their writing at all. As of this writing, Amazon Studios shows only 183 projects with movies on their site. (Mine is listed at #30 and rising, thank You, Jesus!)

So it's best to get in on the ground floor, when the competition is little compared to what it will be when folks finally get hip to this thing. At least we've got longer than the December 31, 2010, deadline to get our full test movies uploaded. Grateful for favor indeed...


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