Bing has it all over Google for getting traffic for articles some days

Bing has it all over Google for getting traffic for articles some days

On the days when my articles from take their sweet time about making it into Google News, or not at all, depending on the fickleness of whether they are placed there at all, I'm supremely grateful for's sweet search engine.

As you can see from the above "search engine wars" pic I like to check out from time to time, seeing which articles from are getting attention and why, my new piece about Brad Pitt shaving his beard off with photos is all the rage on Bing -- but has get to show up in Google News.

The days when pieces make it into a prominent position in Google News is even more icing on the cake -- with one article able to pull in tons of views, if the Lord wills -- but on the days that it doesn't hit Google News, at least we have Bing to bring us some traffic.

The cool thing about Bing is that it indexing so so so fast -- with an article published 2 minutes ago or whatever many times taking that top spot and getting attention.

And although I'm in love with my Firefox browser and the little handy-dandy Google search box up at the top right of my screen, I'm aware that more average web users still use Internet Explorer, which has the Bing search box more prominently placed, and therefore use pretty often.

When I'm on IE I get mad when I can't readily get to my Google search box -- I uninstalled the Google Toolbar because of errors -- so I'll search for Google instead of another search engine.

But oh how grateful I am for Bing right now...thank u Lord!


friendly said…
I think it is not surprising with what happened to GOOGLE. Anyway, I think BING should already upgrade their site, it doesn't make me want their environment. Well, it's google power.
Thanks for sharing this!

Martha from tourne broche