Starting channels to make money, have fun, sell products

Today I spent time starting a couple of YouTube channels that I plan to load up with videos on specific topics.

First there's the channel called YourTubeVideoEditing (looks like YouTube doesn't let you create a channel with YouTube in the URL) wherein I plan to upload all sorts of techie tips about video editing, from the basic to the advanced.

The first video on that YouTube Channel explains how people can upload DVD content to YouTube -- something I learned how to do for my church.

The second YouTube channel is called Real Customer Reviews and that's where I plan to upload videos about just that: all the real stuff I come across and what I really think of the products and services.

The channels are mainly for search-engine traffic, those folks looking specifically for the product or service I'm discussing.

I'm amazed that YouTube is the second most popular search engine, only after Google, according to ComScore past reports.

So why overlook it? I remember reading about one person who makes more affiliate income just from pointing folks to the links under her YouTube video for some product that she does by other means.

Therefore, I'm sharing what I'm learning -- and learning more video skills and more about YouTube along the way. It's cool to see what particular niche YouTube video channels take off -- and learn how to SEO a YouTube channel and YouTube videos.

That's part of the reason I'm writing about them here -- to give myself link love (one of the things that helps with the YouTube SEO), plus to let others know what they might need to get their YouTube videos recognized and highly ranked by Google.

Those things can involve a good number of likes and shares and links and user interaction -- oh yeah, and views.

As always, I will keep my readers informed as to how this endeavor pans out. But I thank God for this idea coming right before the Christmas season.


Geetha said…
Absolutely You Are Correct channel,s are mainly for search-engine traffic now a days all Peoples Are Using This Way.

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