Are new writers getting published on

You guys know how much I like writing for -- in the past year I've made around 30k with them and therefore, I've urged lots of other writers, designers, etc. to sign up with them.

One of my friends is a very talented designer who runs -IZE ON DESIGN, a site that showcases her fabulous design work.

Naturally I thought she'd be a great fit for Examiner. She applied and was accepted as the Cleveland Modern Furniture Examiner at -- but last night I talked to her via Facebook and discovered that her articles haven't appeared since Thursday!

I don't know if this is just some specific problem with a few Examiners or many, and she's already sent a support ticket for help and I will update this site with more news as we hear it. But in the meantime, I wanted to know how the other new writers are doing.

If you just started writing for around August or September 2010, are your articles appearing online? I want to make sure the folks I tell about Examiner are having a positive experience, not a bad one. Since I'm still able to publish just fine, and I see lots of other Examiner pieces flowing through Google News, I assumed everyone else was still able to publish as well.

I don't spend too much time in the forums -- I find that forums can sometimes turn into a cauldron of bellyaching, with the loudest complainers sometimes taking over, so I usually spend that time doing other things. I only pop in every blue moon -- specifically, after the recent controversial switch to the Drupal 7 CMS platform.

Let me know if you just got in to Examiner, and please leave me a comment letting me know if you're able or not able to publish. Thanks! Just curious..


jodi said…
hi paula,

tell your friend not to worry because all of my articles are starting to publish only now but my application and approval to them is 3 weeks already. so it is normal for us new publisher to experienced that.

good luck paula and if you have time, please visit my site

sarah geronimo examiner
Chrissie said…
My friend is still publishing well in since last month. He didn't have any problems with it. But let's be aware that new platform of the site had some serious problems.
L. Marie Joseph said…
Did she fill out the background check?
karen said…
Hey its me the MIA Cleveland Modern Furniture Examiner. My page is still not active. So I went to the site and searched and lo and behold found my article in the Cleveland Home and Living Decorating Link (dated August 26, 2010!!!). My photo and bio are not visible and of course the link to my page does not work. I am going to write another article and see where it appears. Here is the link to the first article:

thanks so much for your support
I just started a second Examiner topic and it took almost five days for my first article to go live. The stuff for my main topic was still going fine. I think it is just a hangup in opening new writer's pages
Hi Paula,

I began writing for Examiner in May of this year as the Tampa Bay Love and Marriage Examiner. In June I became the Tampa Environmental Health Examiner and it was suggested I focus on the Gulf Oil Spill.

My second topic definitely brought a higher yield, however I did notice after the platform change my site stats dropped dramatically from several thousand to say, 2. Yes, two. Some days zero and that's on both of my topics.

In the past month I would attempt to publish, have everything formatted, linked and ready to go only to have the article be booted out by the system upon hitting the "publish" button. I normally write everything in Word and then paste as plain text. If I were a writer who wrote directly in the editor alone I would probably lose my mind over that.

I became so frustrated that I went from writing around five articles per week on each subject to two. In the past two weeks I have written one and only one. The only reason I wrote that one was because the marketing director of Publix supermarkets specifically asked that I cover a new service being offered in our area. A piece I had written months ago on something else they offer led to that recommendation.

I had good readership and sadly since the switchover it's dropped to nothing. More often than not my pages bring the Examiner, "Um...oops well this is embarrassing," splash screen which informs the reader that the page cannot be found at this time.

I have noticed throughout the Examiner site that examiners with very high numbers still seem to have the visibility and stats, but low volume writers, newer writers or poor content writers have nearly dropped off the screen.

On a side note I would like to thank you. Immediately after I was given my login links and all the information which follows the hiring to, before writing my first piece I did some quick research about SEO. Of course, because you've done your work well you're links came up on top. I saw an immediate profit and overturn using your suggestions even in a topic as obscure as Love and Marriage in Tampa Bay.


Heather L Jeffries
Thanks everybody, she is published now. Guess it was just something with coming in during the transition.

I'm loving Examiner's new platform.
Mommy Blogger said…
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