Kobe Bryant LeBron James 3 Rings VIDEO - Watch Nike Puppet Commercial with Kobe Teasing LeBron About His Three Championship Rings...

The below Nike commercial with the puppet Kobe Bryant teasing the puppet LeBron James about having 3 championship rings is kinda cute -- I think LeBron's powder-clapping Nike puppet commercial is funnier to me.

Anyway, like the Nike puppet Kobe Bryant asks LeBron James in the below YouTube video (one of the most-viewed today) in between asking him "Have you seen my three championship rings? over and over again -- is a good question: Why do we live together?

LeBron the Nike puppet with light eyes just keeps playing his video games while the puppet Kobe Bryant finally finds his 3 rings displayed in a case. "Oh, you named them?" LeBron James asks Kobe in this YouTube video:

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Villager said…
I must admit that I enjoy this commercial very, very much. I think it is creative and timely and I look forward to the future iterations. They remind me of the L'il Penny commercials from back in the day (Orlando Magic's Penny Hardaway and his puppet-like sidekick).

I must admit that I didn't realize it was a Nike commercial until your post today. I thought it was a chocolate chip cookie commercial (smile)...

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