Embed Google Gadget on Your Website to Search for Trends -- And what's the point?

Google just introduced this new embeddable Google Trends search gadget where you can place the iframe code they give you to put a search trends gadget on your website to let you search for up to five things at once to compare the search volume on them:

Okay, yes it's good for research as an addendum, but I prefer tools that uncover hot keywords for me, not the other way around. Although that can be profitable too.

Play around.

Back to Google Trends.


Martin Lindsey. said…
I like the new look Paula. Something cleaner about it. Not sure exactly but I like it.

I just learned how to add the PayPal button. I see that you already have one. How have you put it to use? Has it actually attracted donations for you?
Hey Marty -

Thanks, yeah I needed a change on the blogspot theme template.

And I put my PayPal button back up because I use it myself! I've only received donations from myself when I deposit funds from my Amex card to my PayPal, then take that money out to put in my checking account to pay my Amex!

Crazy, I know. But it's getting better. I'm recovering from getting two of my websites punished by Google -- that was about 80% of my online income.

But God is building it back up, and I'm working on new sites as we speak.

Take care.

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