Scamming Twitter - Scamming Twitter Trends for Phishing Profit

I like checking Twitter trends-- that's how I found out that people have been scamming Twitter by doing a couple of things.

Scamming Twitter #1:

This sounds like a Twitter meme where you start a little Twitter game -- not necessarily intending to scam Twitter -- with friends who you can respond to little interesting Twitter facts or whatever. (Or some claim that PC World started scamming Twitter with topics in order to get more Google Adsense revenue. Tell me how to do that!)

Scamming Twitter #2 Game Sounds More Scammy Phishy:

The new scamming Twitter game sounds more harmful called TwitterPornName whereby people want your mother's maiden name and the street you grew up on and other personal info in order to try and scam Twitter and use the info to break into your bank accounts or whatever. Very interesting.

Lesson? Don't fall for people scamming Twitter with trends trying to get personal info out of you...


design Miami said…
Oh the lesson here is as old as the internet itself - don't give out personal info to strangers. Ever.

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