121,im Facebook Scam: Don't Check 121.im or 121.us, or Ponbon.im or 222.im or Any Email Hoax Links...

So the new scam of the day is someone sending emails claiming to be from Facebook urging users to "check 151.im" or any other of these links:

121.im facebook, check 121.im, 121.us, 121, .im ,ponbon.im,www.ponbon.im, ponbon, ponbon im, ponbon.im facebook, check ponbon.im ,check 121.im,check 151.im, 121.im, .im, 121.im facebook, 121.us ,151.im,check 151.im, .im, 222.im, 121.im, 151 ,check ,
check 121.im, 151.im, .im, 151, 151.biz

But don't click the links -- I'm reading that they are scam email spams probably trying to download spyware or malware or something.

Any time you get an email claiming to be from Facebook, just delete the email and go to Facebook.com directly -- not thru any links in scam emails.


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