Pagerank Drop - Glad Pagerank Dropping Doesn't Mean Website Traffic Has to Drop

Google can be so fickle when it comes to PageRank.

I'm starting to see why some webmasters say they don't pay attention to Google PageRank at all. I've noticed this past week that one of my dot coms dropped its pagerank down to zero -- why, I don't know.

It's funny that my Blogger blogs at this point are the ones with the highest pageranks -- both of them at 2 pagerank right now.

But one cool thing is that my may have dropped to zero for the moment, but the traffic is still relatively good at 2,000 or more hits per day. Same deal with -- even more hits than that some days.

So maybe Google's PageRank isn't really everything.

But I still check pagerank a lot.


Arju said…
My site had good pagerank. But I see recently (before 20 days specifically) it's pagerank had been dropped to zero.
I really don't know what is the reason behind it.

I have requested reconsideration and that page says there is no problem with my page.

But still I see my pagerank is 0. Would you please tell me what I will do? How my pagerank can be reinstate.

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