Save Earl Petition on Twitter... Where's the Save "The Game" Petition?

When "Save Earl" popped up as a hot trending Twitter topic, I investigated and found out that Ethan Suplee, who plays Randy on My Name Is Earl, is supporting the "Save Earl" petition to save the canceled show -- ergo, is job.

Cool beans and all -- though I've only watched My Name is Earl a few times -- if the "Save Earl" campaign works. It would be an interesting use of Twitter technology to see if it can Save Earl.

Sign the petition to save The Game on CW here...

Can The Game on CW be saved, too? Ironically, the below video of the stars of The Game on the CW are talking about rumors of its cancellation -- unfortunately the show has been indeed cancelled now. So I guess us The Game fans should follow the steps in the video to save The Game


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