Miami Gazette News - Scams Getting Prettier Pitching Easy Google Profits Hoax...

I was getting my dose of Gawker or Page Six when a pop-up ad for the Miami Gazette News popped up -- and I before I closed what I thought was the usual Netflix pop-up ad, I had a gander at a truly pretty-looking landing page.

It's hawking the scammy "Easy Google Profits" program, one of those programs that Google had warned consumers not to fall for -- like those that CHARGE people to sign up for Google Adsense when in reality it's free to sign up for.

Don't fall for the Adsense money-making claims... those in the made-up comments section of that fake Miami Gazette News advertorial -- replete with fake screen shots of $300-plus Google Adsense earnings allegedly earned in just a day or whatever a short time after staring the program.

Nearly everything you need to know about starting a blog online, finding a good subject, learning SEO (search-engine optimization), signing up for Adsense and pitching affiliate product like Amazon Associates referral program -- all that info you can find online for free.

Programs like those promising 'easy Google money' get their money by getting your credit card number and hoping you don't read the fine print saying that if you don't cancel the program, they'll hit you with anywhere from $39 to $89 PER MONTH on your credit card and up.

Don't fall for the scammers.

Yes, buying your own dot com name and web hosting and all that stuff can cost money. And there are reputable online teachers and books out there. But the ones that scream SCAM! are the ones you can tell that promise the moon and stars.

Stick with real bloggers like Darren Rowse at ProBlogger and John Chow and those who report their online blogging income in ways that you know they are telling the truth.

Research, research, and don't fall for the recession fear-filled hype of those trying to just get money out of hapless consumers.

They will pay in the end...for lying people.


Anonymous said…
Yep, there are many of these fake newspaper sites (see: ) promoting this 'Easy Google Profits' (which is a big scam - see: )
G. Arnold said…
Oh my god. I run a site that exposes scams online and I get a million (well not that many) but a lot of reports a day from people that were ripped off by the "Easy Google Profit" scam. Also, there is the "Profit Profusion" scam which is similar to that scam. It cost people thousands and thousand day.

I am so glad I saw this blog post because these scams are really taking a lot of money from people everyday. If you want to report a scam online, I suggest you report it to

Keep up the good work, great blog post!