Jon and Kate Plus 8 Blog - Here's Jon and Kate Plus 8 Blog Information Below... Including Kate's Blog, Aunt Jodi's Blog and Julie Gosselin's Blog...

jon and kate blogPeople are hungry for all things Jon & Kate Plus 8 right, looking for their official blogs.

Here's Kate's blog on TLC's website -- I don't think Jon has a blog anywhere, and is running away from anymore exposure right now.

As for Aunt Jodi, whom I haven't seen yet but was apparently on earlier episodes before allegedly being banished, is said to contribute to this blog.

Aunt Jodi's sister, Julie, allegedly writes this blog called Truth Breeds Hatred.

So it's very interesting to see what's coming out about the Gosselins on the "unofficial blogs" that say they are telling it like it is.

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Anonymous said…
Hi Kate.I am really sorry this is happening to you and your family.We have enjoyed your show every week. I hope things get better soon. I will pray for all of you.Not everyone believes all the lies.I don't.I only believe what comes directly from you on your show.It's very heartbreaking to me and I don't even know you. Turn to the Lord,He IS your friend.
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