Chrysler Dealerships Closing List - Here's List of Chrysler Dealerships Closing Below - Texas, Washington, Florida, California, Louisiana, Michigan...

The full list of Chrysler dealerships closing has been made public - read it here -- and on the list of Chrysler dealerships closing you'll see Chrysler dealerships from Venice, Florida to Waco, Texas to Vancouver, Washington.

With approximately 800 Chrysler dealership listed on the list, one wonders if this big blow to Chrysler dealers is the end, or will more dealership closings come?

The Wall Street Journal reported higher dealership closing numbers than are on the Chrysler list, but since it is listed as Exhibit A, seemingly an official court documents, I'm believing and hoping that no more dealerships will close.

This sucks for people losing their jobs. I hope they can recover.

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kasandria said…
There are a ton of them closing. :(

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