Free WordPress and Blogger Magazine Themes for 2009 - Plus Good WordPress SEO Tricks

Today is my day to play around with WordPress themes -- trying different ones on for size and SEO and blogability.

Smashing Magazine put up a great post featuring 100 WordPress Free Themes for 2009 (and some of those have a Blogger counterpart -- see

So while I play around with the "Skyye News Theme by Nathan Rice" pictured in this post, I'm also seeing how other people are using that very theme now to figure out how they get their pics uploaded on the home page like that.

For one of my sites, I've tricked out the Master Plan free WordPress theme with some SEO tips like wrapping your titles in H1 tags and such. (Nathan Rice has a great post up on how to do that, making your titles on WordPress themes more SEO friendly.)

He also has a big general post about how to make Wordpress more SEO friendly overall; it's worth the read and doing.

Another theme I'm scoping out is this TurnOut magazine free WordPress theme -- just click the pic for more info -- she's also got great-looking free Blogger Themes for 2009 that look better than any I've ever seen on Blogger, so I plan to play around with those, too.

I've searched all thru their documentation to try and figure out how to upload the pics (or where to put the setting) to get them to pull into the homepage, but haven't found out yet.

So stay tuned for info about the themes I end up using and loving the most...


I was completely blown away, very nice designs.
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