Acai Berry Scams, Complaints to the BBB, Better Business Bureau

I made sure to TiVo my local news report about acai berry pill warnings, but when I watched it, I realized it was a "buyer beware" warning about some DISHONEST SELLERS of acai berry -- not of the pills themselves.

The Holy Spirit and Whole Body Cleanse Works for Me...

Which is good, because the Whole Body Cleanse that I love, that the power of God alone has helped me complete -- it's a 14-day cleanse whereby you eat mostly fruits and veggies with it -- contains some acai.

I lost about 11 pounds when I did it last July 2008, and even when school started back some of the moms still told me how great I looked by fall. So now He's helping me thru it again -- it's great prep for cleaning out your system before a real fast.

And I know it was our Maker alone that made me make it thru 14 days with no chocolate or sweets or alcohol and junk food. I learned to open the huge capsules (I don't really like taking a lot of big pills) and put the powder in LaCroix sparkling water and orange juice to make them easier to take and more palatable. The I sopped up the fiber powder still clinging to the plastic cup with pieces of fruit. I ate no meats or anything like that for 14 days, but I ate red beans and rice, maybe a little pasta at times, and snacked on nuts. They say you shouldn't eat too many nuts.

Not much dairy either. This time I'm still taking my iron pills, too. My friend hipped me to the whole body cleanse -- and she said to stay close to the bathroom, but it didn't affect my system like that. It was great and my skin cleared up, too.

Anyway, the Acai Berry scams went like this...

...people agree to some website offering a free trial for acai berry products, then they fail to read in the fine print whereby customers must cancel within 15 or 20 days or else their credit card is charged $50 - $100 or more.

And even some people who canceled the Acai Berry free trail were scammed...

...and there credit card were still charged!

One older woman said she called the number to cancel and was told there would be an 80 minute and 17 second wait to speak to a customer representative.

Those acai berry scammers probably didn't even have anyone on the line. So my recommendation is if you want to try the acai berry stuff, find it in GNC or online at Amazon or some place reputable, not thru one of those acai berry scam websites just trying to steal people's money.

The acai berry scam sites use before and after pics...

...and they have a lot of fine print -- so read it, or better yet, stay away!

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Tim Roberts said…
Just when we thought the acai scams were over, Health Canada has discovered that certain shady companies have added Viagra to their imported capsules. Now that's even more dangerous than losing your money depending on your medical condition. Buyer definitely beware.

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