How to Power Text - Here's the Power Texting AT&T Instructions That Helped Kris Allen Win American Idol

Power texting is hot in the news right now because AT&T admitted to giving Kris Allen fans the knowledge of "how to power text" and power texting instructions to use on phones. So I researched "how to power text" and found a blog called Kris ALLENation that indeed provided instructions to AT&T users of how to power text 3,000 to 5,000 votes in two hours -- but they say other American Idol contestants' fans had been power texting already anyway.

So I think Kris Allen was destined to win American Idol.

And I think power texters better have unlimited calling plans!

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Liz said…
I really hope those voters had unlimited plans! Or were related to Kris...
Tatang Sulaeman said…
I think Kris Allen is the right person to become an American Idol. Only deserving persons should attain this position and come forward to show their hidden talent to hole world.
CJ said…
This has to stop. American Idol in my opinion has lost its credibility because of power texting. The whole idea of the show is to let the people choose the winner, not a few tech savy folks who can manipulate the system so that their candidate wins.
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