Red Bull Cocaine - Red Bull Cocaine Contents Found in Trace Amounts in Germany... That's Coke, the Drug, Not the Soda...

Trace amounts of cocaine found in Red Bull in Germany...

If you feel a little zip after drinking a Red Bull, cocaine might be running around your brain.

That's the report today I shockingly just read on HuffPo, saying that trace amounts of cocaine were found in Red Bull energy drinks, and that six German states have told retailers to stop selling Red Bull because of the cocaine found therein.

My husband and I used to drink Red Bull -- and I know people like mixing Red Bull with vodka and such, but how did cocaine get in Red Bull?

Reminds me of when Coca-Cola was first invented and it did contain cocaine, but no longer. Red Bull should take it's cue, if it not totally done now with this controversy.


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whoa..I didn't know about this, has to check the ingredients list next time when I my Red bull. I don't want to become a drug addict.

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