Who is hiring in my area? Try the snag a job search below to find out who is hiring in your area...

Who is hiring in my area?

That's the question over 1,000 people are typing into Google each day: Who is hiring in my area?

It's good to see that people want to work and need to work and are exhausting every means they can to find a job. One place I've seen that lets you put your zip code into it to find out what local companies are hiring is called Snag a Job:

Search for jobs in your area on SnagAJob.com

When I put my zip code in the Snag a Job search box, it turned up about 500 to 600 companies hiring in my area, or rather about 500 - 600 available job positions in my area in Ohio.

But ignore those work-at-home jobs, or really research them, because I think most of those are scams.

The ones that look legit are the companies we recognize, like Boston Market, Verizon Wireless, Domino's Pizza and so on.

So if you found this post by typing in "Who's hiring in my area?" into Google hoping to find out who is hiring in your area, search and apply for jobs on Snag a Job and let me know if they work.

I like to promote the services that really help people online.


This is one of the best places to find hourly jobs. Another good job board would be workforcedevelopmentservices.com. thanks for your post!!!

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