Twitter TV Show, Whoopi Fan Heart Attack Making the News on The View

Twitter is all abuzz today because supposedly there's some kind of Twitter TV show coming out where it would help the everyday Joe catch celebrities out and about and tweet about what they're doing -- kinda like a TMZ TV for Twitter.

But the Twitter folks say that there's no official TV show yet. I'll bet you we'll see one in the future.

And Whoopi's mad at Twitter because...

...a man had a semi-heart attack or something in Las Vegas when Whoopi filled in for the late great Dani Gans, and stopped her show right about on time to attend to the man.

I think and hope the man was okay, because he pulled down his oxygen mask and said to Whoopi, "You're funny."

But Whoops says it was tweeted on Twitter as if she'd beat the man up or something.

Yes, false reporting is no good. On Twitter or otherwise.


Flat Iron said…
Well said Whoops, it seems people are using negative campaign for getting more recognisation, if you see some ads people says No, Caution or Warning instead of promotional words..No wonder why its a wrong news!

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