Recents Posts Widgets on Your Blogger Blog, with Images and Pics Automatically Resized!

I love genius bloggers.

That's how I found this Blogger Tricks person who creates a bunch of beautiful free Blogger and WordPress themes like you've never seen -- but right now I'm enthralled with the 'Recent Posts' widget javascript code that automatically resizes your pics:

Very cool. Couldn't get the javascript to run on my own server yet, but hopefully that's coming soon.

I love when other bloggers share their knowledge. It's stretching me to become a better webmaster learning and reading and trying out all these different themes.

Check back, because I'm playing around with various magazine style Blogger and WordPress themes.

When you get two websites kicked out of Google's index (probably for duplicate content) you learn to get back up on that blogging horse and get the other sites profitable -- thank God for forgiveness and turnarounds!

And you also learn to build up multiple sites as kind of a safe haven and experiment to see which one takes off best.


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