Kobe Doing Work - Watch Kobe Doing Work Movie Online by Spike Lee

I'm glad the ESPN "Kobe Doing Work" movie by Spike Lee is online to watch -- for those who didn't catch "Kobe Doing Work" on TV.

We've got "Kobe Doing Work" ready to watch, but haven't checked it out yet, so I can't comment -- but the snippets I've seen show the "Zen master" Phil Jackson in the documentary with its Spike Lee flavor. Should be good.

I've got to learn to forgive Kobe for all that melee that came out in the news with the other woman and such. With Kobe Bryant's chiseled good looks and multiple languages spoken -- I put him on too high of a pedestal, which came crashing down with that horrible news.

So maybe "Kobe Doing Work" will give us some perspective. We'll see.

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Villager said…
I watched it last night. It's the type of show that will get it's largest audience on the first night. I don't anticipate that it will have much positive buzz. It simply wasn't compelling. I thought it would show his entire day ... including time at home. It was just his review of a particular game last year with mics and cameras.

peace, Villager
I know, Wayne, you're right -- my husband and I just watched most of it and I thought it would be more about Kobe all around.

I didn't know it was just his moves and voice-over narration during one game.

Die hard basketball heads will like the game action and sideline comments Kobe makes and stuff; that part was semi-interesting to me.

But since I like the full measure of a man's entire persona -- not just compartmentazlied snippets, I wasn't that enthralled either.

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