Oprah's Harpo Intellectual Property Department Just Talked to Me on The Phone...

I got an email forwarded to me from my DreamHost web hosting company from Oprah's Harpo Productions about my website, WatchOprahOnline.com today.

So I rang up the woman listed on the email and heard the receptionist answer, "Harpo Productions" or whatever she said -- it's a little fuzzy blur.

It was Oprah's intellectual property department being very congenial about the website.

I offered to delete it ASAP -- they said they'd get back to me about whether or not legal would just want me to turn the domain name over to them.

We see these situations all the time if you read domain news and stuff. Some people fight it. I'll happily turn the sucker over to them.

It's a great domain name and couldn't believe it was available in the first place. Anyway, I'll bet you Oprah's Harpo people come back with just a transfer of the WatchOprahOnline.com to them -- because like the woman there said, they'd rather it not expire and then someone pick up the domain name for worse or nefarious purposes.

Not the way I'd envisioned talking to the Harpo team; and I'll bet you the next time I speak with them it'll be to come for a visit on the couch as a famous writer!


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