KFC Out of Chicken, Rain Checks, KFC Stores Not Participating - Poorly Planned Oprah KFC Deal

I just drove up to my local KFC's drive-thru to redeem my free KFC coupon today, and they said "Sorry, we are not participating in the KFC coupon deal."

"But you were participating yesterday!" I kvetched, apologizing when I got to the KFC window. (Never piss off people who handle your food.)

Anyway, I don't know if they ran out of that delicious KFC grilled chicken or what -- but all the Akron, Ohio, area KFC stores are no longer particating in the KFC Oprah fiasco deal, just one day after it began.

Here's the president of KFC talking about rain checks and such:

And know I read that some KFC locations are out of chicken, and that KFC is promising rain checks to be mailed with a free drink...

...but I'm not sure when these KFC Oprah deal rain checks will be in the mail.

At least I got to try a free KFC grilled chicken Oprah deal meal -- some people didn't even get one meal. And there were supposed near-riots in New York over the KFC chicken (maybe Gawker hyperbole, yes) but KFC is denying riots happened.

I think the Oprah / KFC deal had good intentions, but poor planning...

...and they didn't figure in the fact that some people say they had trouble downloading that software on the coupon website -- and that other people probably printed way too many coupons, etc.

Maybe they should've mailed them all in the first place.

Let's hope the free chocolate deal goes better tomorrow:
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Anonymous said…
KFC was still happily taking the coupons in Cleveland.

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