Web Site Traffic Increase -- Get More, Increased, Guaranteed, Without-Having-to-Buy Web Site Traffic with This Free Report

by Paula Neal Mooney

Web site traffic. Over 102,000 type that term into search engines each month.

Increase web site traffic. Over 32,000 for that one.

More web site traffic. That comes in under a healthy 10,000.

Increased web site traffic
. The past tense of "increase" makes 4th place.

If you're one of the 5,999 people who found this post by typing stuff like "buy web site traffic" into Google or Yahoo -- you've probably already discovered one way I get more web site traffic for free, using this report that gives monthly statistics of search engine terms.

Before you write your next blog post, take time to craft your title -- and put the most popular search terms closest to the front in your title.

For example, notice that "web," "site," "traffic," "increase," "increased," "more," "buy" and "guaranteed" are some of the most popular terms typed together in some variation into search engines.

Then note that I've placed the more popular ones in the very first positions in the title of this blog post.

Google looks at the words in the title (or URL, as it were) as one of the main important factors in determining how far up to place your article in the search engine results.

Other factors like competition, pagerank, and more are involved, and check out my string of articles on how to get more web site traffic for free to find out those.

But in the mean time, study some of these titles written with search-engine optimization in mind to see what I mean:

So play around.

Type a bunch of different words into that free SEO Book tool (you may have to refresh and reload it) and find combinations of words that interest you and interest readers looking for them.

Study the little things, like the fact that people type "web site" more than they do "website," as one word, as I'm apt to do. All that matters to Google...

Write up a post, promote it thru the ways I've written about, then give it a month or two and see if that brings you more web site traffic for free.

And come back and leave me a comment and let me know your success rate.

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    Shavar said…
    I did this by accident when I posted on the Juanita Bynum/Paula White issue.

    Sure, I posted the labels but went back to notice how I actually wrote the posts---now I know why views my more than doubled over the last couple of days. Thanks Paula! I'm on a mission now, lol.

    This all started when I decided last week to not be afraid to blog about certain issues that interest me. Of course, being nominated in the Black Weblog Awards encouraged me too.

    I'm learning from you...
    onwebcheck said…
    Ok, I will try it to look after the "small" things. So long thx for some usefull information.
    Thanks for this, I am going to give it a try.

    I will let you know how I get on.
    CHESSNOID said…
    Great post. thank you. ;)
    hottnikz said…
    Thanks for sharing the tips.
    Jayne said…
    Thank you for sharing this! I will definitely give it a try!
    Luiz Cruz said…
    Thanks for sharing the tips.
    Good post, I think people tend to forget how important onsite optimization is and perhaps tend to overlook it. Your post will serve as a reminder to people not to forget the basic stuff!

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