Google Adsense Between Blogger/Blogspot Posts Widget -- Use it to easily place ads in between your blog posts...

by Paula Neal Mooney

I like that Google just announced this widget that allows Blogger/Blogspot blogs to put Google Adsense code in between (not within) posts.

Using Google's new Blogger/Blogspot Adsense widget, I put a wide ad unit with a background matching my header in between my posts.

At least it breaks up the posts nicely. Hope it pays.

I wish we could use Blogger's new Google Adsense widget to put image and video ads in between our posts easily -- guess we'll have to stick with the Blogger hacks to do that.

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    JA Huber said…
    Cool! Thanks for sharing, I should pay better attention to these things :)
    Thanks Paula! I didn't realize this. I already went and changed my settings!!

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