How Do I Get People to Read My Blog? Try writing for...

by Paula Neal Mooney

How do I get people to read my blog!!?

That's a major question new (and not-so-new) bloggers ask.

One way I do it is by creating content for a variety of different online sources, some paid -- some unpaid, just to drive traffic back to my blog and get my writing in front of new sets of eyeballs.

Some argue that us writers should never give our precious words away for free. There's validity to that on a variety of points; we should never devalue our gifts.

But I find that I love to write so intensely, there are enough words flowing out of me to spread them around where I see fit.

Once such place is, a Parenting Resource website that allows you to register for free and post articles.

I just registered and submitted my essay to the Friendships section of Divine Caroline, which was approved and spotlighted within minutes.

I really like that they let you hyperlink back to your blog in your profile, and I love that they have pre-set images to choose from to attach to your articles, so it takes the guess-work out of copyright infringement.

Try them. Let me know what you think.

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