NOEL GOURDIN The River Lyrics, MySpace, CD, Videos, Pics, Girlfriend, (Wife?) Album, MP3 & Gourdine - Why I Built a Niche Website From All That

Noel Gourdin The River Lyrics Myspace CD Album Gourdine Download MP3 Wife Girlfriendby Paula Neal Mooney

Riding back from Chicago the other day, I heard a song called The River by Noel Gourdin.

It was so different than some of the other trite junk in heavy rotation on XM Satellite radio that I took notice.

Coming home, I Googled Noel Gourdin and found that his haunting and beautiful The River song and lyrics would make the perfect foundation for a new niche website all about him.

If I learned nothing else at BlogHer07, and in reading about $10,000 per month Google Adsense niche site profits on the web, is that it pays to turn your passion into a superniche and build a website around it. was already taken, so I bought the next best thing -- -- 'cause I learned how important that dash is!

(Can you believe GoDaddy is selling for over $1,200?)

Noel Gourdin The River Lyrics Myspace CD Album Download MP3 Wife GirlfriendSo bless the Holy Spirit for waking me up at 5 a.m. this dawn and showing me how to set the whole Noel Gourdin Official Fan Site up.

The other Google Suggest Lab terms about Noel Gourdin included his Myspace page, The River lyrics and such -- so I created a few entries about those topics.

And Google Suggests Lab also showed that people were accidentally typing in Noel Gourdine, so I bought and redirected it to

How much extra cash will starting a niche site earn you?

Time will tell.

It helps to get in on a hot niche topic before it blows up -- ah, if only I'd followed this same principle the first time I heard Robin Thicke on XM radio.

But I'm excited about the whole niche site philosophy.

Especially blogging about a fun topic whereby you don't have to update it too often and the fans will help the traffic and ad revenue explode.

Start a niche website today and let me know how much money you make from know I'll let you guys know about my earnings!

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    Hi Paula glad to see you posting again. Thanks for the SEO Image Optimization tip, I don't quite understand it but want to implement it.
    By the way- Letting us link to your stats in Statcounter is really cool (at the top of your page). Makes me feel like a snoop in a good way, like when you are in an estate sale looking in someone's house- you know what I mean? -Michelle Smart not Cheap
    Thanks for your comment, Michelle.

    This past weekend I received the idea to stop trying to guard my keywords like Russian spy secrets or something and just give, give, give!

    "Cast your bread upon the waters, after many days it will return to you again..."
    maurizio said…
    Hi Paula, I'm back.
    It's sad that u weren't worried by my lack of comments/posts. :(

    Btw. nice Avatar.

    I just wonder where you take all your images and if you are worried about copyright stuff about them.
    tAnYeTTa said…
    i LOVE this cd----where can i buy it?

    p.s. i loved that he wrote this--"I want people to think; this is a man that you can feel. That you can slow dance with, have a drink with and cry with."

    thanks for the tip paula. i am sick of the foolishness on the radio and i am tired of listening to the wiggles too. thank you for some grown foke music :)
    Bonnie Calhoun said…
    Hey never cease to amaze me at your internet prowess on making money!

    Rock on, girlfriend!
    Joe said…
    Hi Paula,

    Great blog been following it for a few months now. I can across a new artist as well, and want it to know if you worry about having the artist name as the domain name?
    Hi there Bonnie - I like that nickname you've given me. ;-)

    Hey Joe - I'm happy because I've made sure it's noted as an fan site that will help the artist!

    Take care,
    Joe said…
    Hi Paula,

    Was just wondering how your fan site is doing?
    Thanks for asking, Joe.

    So far, so far.

    I'm working on it right now in fact.

    XM radio is playing "The River" (off the hook hopefully) now and more and more people are searching for Noel Gourdin.

    He's quite the dichotomy.

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