Deer Jumps Over Motorcycle Video -- Do you think it's real?

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Bless God I caught this deer jumping over a motorcycle video before it goes crazy-viral.

(I haven't been this excited to blog about a video before it becomes nationwide news since Kramer said the N-word.)

Anyway, the deer jumping over (or is it behind?) a motorcycle video adventure that left everyone alive to tell the tale -- or upload the video, as it were -- is truly a hedge of protection...if it's real.

My husband thinks the deer jumping over a motorcycle video is real -- he saw a deer hit just the other day driving down I-77.

I'm starting to think the deer jumping over a motorcycle video (hoping to get the first SERP position, ya know?) may be real, too.

What do you all think?

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    Bonnie Calhoun said… happens here all the time. My girlfriend had one try to jump over her car, and wind up coming thru the windshield...Those hooves can wreck the interior of a car.

    If you think that'f funny, go read this:

    I'ts a little long...but it's hysterical!
    Shelia said…
    I've personally have seen it happen, but that particular video looks a lil' iffy.
    Dave said…
    Good CGI, but it's as real as Michael Jackson's nose.
    Morgan said…
    Paula - I think the deer is near-sighted and therefore thought it had to jump over the motorcycle,when, in actuality, he could have forgone the leap. Fun to watch.
    I don't know if this video is real- but the incident could happen. I live in Wisconsin and know plenty of people who have had deer run ins. I was training a guy at the last place I worked at and he never showed up one day. The next day he finally comes in all frazzled- Turns out he was driving home to Milwaukee the night before and a Canadian Goose slammed through his window and almost beheaded him. He had a pretty good sense of humor about it though cracking jokes about being car jacked by a Canadian. There are plenty of wild animal vs cars and motorcycles around here. -Michelle
    Laura said…
    I have no idea if it's real. It very well could be, I suppose. I think deer can jump pretty well.

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