-- Website Creator of -- Tasha C. Joseph -- is at it again...

Don't Date Her Man dot Com Website Launch Site Creator Tasha C. Joseph income lawsuit revenueby Paula Neal Mooney, what can I say?

Tasha C. Joseph, site creator of Don't Date Him Girl is now launching a brother (or sister?) website of sorts called Don't Date Her Man.

I was never a big fan of Don't Date Him Girl in the first place.

Billed as a way for women to "warn" each other about cheating and no-good men, Don't Date Him Girl always smacked of mean-spiritedness to me.

The first time I saw Tasha Joseph on TV was the other night, when she was interviewed on a segment of i-Caught, but I can't find the video interview of her anywhere. (Hit me up with a link, will ya, readers? Thanks!)

Don't Date Her Man dot Com Website Launch Site Creator Tasha C. Joseph income lawsuit revenueThe big problem I have with sites like is that they offer an easy way for people to lie and besmirch someone's good name.

Kinda like the woman on i-Caught who was the victim of a another jealous woman who posted a bunch of evil stuff about her online -- the first woman sued the other woman and won.

Don't Date Her Man dot Com Website Launch Site Creator Tasha C. Joseph income lawsuit revenueOther people were urged to hire the fortunate SEO guy who was featured on i-Caught who charged people a pretty penny to get good stuff SEO'd about themselves on the first few pages of Google.

Thank God I've been blogging for a couple years almost now and have SEO'd my name well, but I'll be the first to tell you my own dirt -- that yes, I've been cheated upon and a cheater in past relationships, but am so grateful for the power of Christ over temptation that has kept me faithful to my man for the past 13 years and for the wisdom to escape every trap set by the enemy...

And people can be changed!

Humans regenerate our entire cell system every seven years -- we are like entire new beings, totally transformed in body -- and especially in our minds, if we yield to more honorable lives.

Yeah, it's one thing if a person is walking around on the down low infecting unsuspecting mates. In that case, the truth should reveal itself. But it just seems like there's a better way to go about all this than posting stuff willy-nilly out of revenge or hurt feelings.

So, back to and its creator: Tasha Joseph has been sued before but the lawsuit was dismissed. Who knows if there will be another one that wins?

Tasha Joseph is such a beautiful woman -- who am I to judge?

Don't Date Her Man dot Com Website Launch Site Creator Tasha C. Joseph income lawsuit revenue
Maybe I'm just jealous of her Indian-Trinidadian exotic looks and her reported quarter-million daily pageviews and her no-doubt six-figure webmaster income.

Or maybe this is something else.

Maybe it's that feeling about the wicked prospering.

I don't know.

What do you all think about

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    Go Tarsha, it's your birthday!

    I say let her have at it!
    HEY . . . Paula . . . DoN@T KNOW ABOUT "DontDateHerGirl" but I do know you are 100% coeecrect in what you say about folks wanting to lie and cause trouble for others.

    Sadly, this is widespread on the Internet. People tell lies about others, who they don't even know, because they can get away with it !!! There is no fear of reprisals . . .

    Why they do it beats me, but the world is full of "SAD" people who need to get a life. Yes Paula . . . across the Internet this is a problem. It's on eBay, its in the Discussion Boards and Forums. You can find "no-brainers" hiding behind their cute user name, ready to denigrate others.

    But Paula . . . enough of that . . . I really love what you are doing with your blog. Its a great production and I wish you every success.

    Perhaps soon you will gain a 5 figure income, and then 6 Figure income . . . and then you can join those at the - !!!
    kerry said…

    I read your article about Tasha Joseph, and on the third mention of her name the Toggle links the reader to a long-dead web site class action suit against her site. That is old news, nothing that is current, and her court case long ago decided in her favor, so why is the code written in your blog to link her name to that site? It sounds like you talk a big Christian talk, but you certainly don't walk the walk. Writing such things as you are jealous, thinking the "wicked" should not have success, suggesting others should sue her site, are not Christian ideals at all. Especially, writing a toggle code to link her name to a long forgotten dead web site is so not Christian, it colors your whole site.

    I think web sites like dontdatehimgirl serve a good purpose; sharing information about the rotten character of some people who are so good at hiding it they fool everybody (sociopaths). It takes a lot to get posted on dontdatehimgirl, and the primary motive of the poster is not revenge or hurt feelings. Maybe it would be more "Christian" for you to identify judgments as your own personal biases instead of facts, and use some guidelines to toggle readers to relevant information instead of old, outdated sites for purely inflammatory motives.
    Yeah, Kerry, God really showed me myself on this one.

    I saw that "" the URL, was expiring soon -- so I hatched an evil plan to buy the domain name from under Tasha and redirect the traffic to one of my sites.

    Then I went and watched Bishop T.D. Jakes and he was preaching about recognizing jealousy in yourself and how to battle against it by helping the person you're jealous of.

    I did not buy the domain name.

    Instead, I emailed Tasha and told her I was probably just acting out of jealously and warned her to renew her domain name right away.

    Tasha replied and agreed, "Yes, jealousy can be an ugly emotion. God bless you!"

    The only thing I don't like about the "Don't Date Him Girl" concept are fake profiles like the woman mentioned in this Miami New Times article about a woman who was reportedly raped by a man whose real picture was posted on the Don't Date Him Girl website.

    It turned out the whole story was untrue -- and false rape reports like that don't help women who have really been raped make their own cases.

    I'm glad to hear that Tasha has made it difficult for people to just throw up any kind of profile, however.

    And yeah, I can see where serves a purpose to help warn women.

    I saw this woman on TV warning other women about some bad man she'd dated, and then they interviewed Tasha, and then I saw more of a purpose for the site.

    And I hope Tasha does indeed launch and I hope the bad women that are profiled are just as ardent supporters of Tasha when they see themselves jacked up by old boyfriends -- and I hope they don't backlash against Tasha as I've seen another do by saying, "Tasha, how could you start another site bashing women?"
    Anonymous said…
    That's disgusting. How can a "journalist" or reputable blogger write a balanced article or commentary when he or she has an ax to grind with the person they are writing about? Not to mention the fact that never launched, yet Paula writes as though the site was up and running. And linking to a Miami Times news article that is heavily in dispute as to the accuracy of the story, including the fact that the reporter fabricated a large portion of it, but Paula quotes it as though she just KNOWS for a fact that what was written was true. At least Tasha calls it like it is and tells people that the operators of DDHG do not vouch for the accuracy of the things on the site. How can you vouch for the accuracy of something you don't know for a fact?

    Paula, you should be ashamed of yourself for using Tasha's name and site to boost your "SEO" efforts. You've given reporters everywhere a bad name. Journalism School 101 - you've got to be unbiased and just give the facts, something you clearly don't have the ability to do! You should sincerely apologize to Tasha and take the junk you wrote off of this site!

    And while you're at it, go get yourself some therapy, get a life and stop trying to do evil things like stalk Tasha by trying to buy and writing the things you wrote about her. What's wrong with you?
    DDHG Fan said…
    What a shame! Paula is just a jealous black woman hating on another successful black woman. I'm not going to read this blog anymore and I don't think anyone else should, either. You'll never know if the story is true on not if Paula writes it. Paula could be writing about someone she hates and coloring the information with her bias and personal opinion.

    Paula, you shouldn't use your blog as a means to stalk people, especially someone well-known like Tasha. You're probably going to end up getting sued if you're not careful and you'd deserve it for what you did.

    Trying to buy DontDateHerMan? Telling the world how jealous you are of Tasha, then writing about her, distributing your crap through Associated Content and other places on the Internet? Are you that despearate for a few hits on your blog?
    Anonymous said…
    What do I think...well I think there's two sides to every story- his, hers, and the truth. Of course there's going to be lying and hurt feelings flying around the internet, but there's lying and hurt in the real world. I think a website like this is a lot better way to get your feelings out than say keying a cheating ex's car? And if it can possibly do some good at the same time (ie warn others, b/c not EVERYTHING about EVERYONE can change) then I say it's a good idea. Plus, the other party in these situations has the chance to tell their side of the story as well, either on the other site or by responding to the poster's post. Same as responding to a legal notice in the paper as required by law for divorces, etc. I say go for it, and as for the lawsuits for dirtying someone's good name- that only applies if it's slander and not a true act committed by the person. Otherwise it's just freedom of speech, just like other people write autobiographies. Guess the cheater should have that of that before they cheated. And if in doubt, use a psuedoname or initials to ID the cheater instead...
    Anonymous said…
    Pleeeease.... Everyone thinks that site is set up to warn other women about men that have mis-treated them. Sadly, even though it's claimed to be anonymous, most men know who the poster is and it puts the women in even more danger for abuse or stalking. Seems like Tasha is a bit two faced especially when the site claims that it helps women and that posts can be deleted at any time....WRONG. And yes, as stated in one of the previous postings - she's probably making six figures or more and not thinking about or helping those poor women who posted in a moment of fury. I saw another comment about this site on another website from a prison guard that said this type of site may have led to some of the reasons why those folks are in jail...murder?? Those types of sites are down right disgusting. Ask the honorable webmasters for internet sites and they will tell you that they wouldn't put up with the kind of garbage that is posted there. Yeah to those honorable webmasters who have a conscience.
    Anonymous said…
    I am going to take this company to court for letting some angry women to post anything they like about me, this should be illegal and punishable by law, and you know Tasha Joseph that you been on court about this before, so I won't be the first one complaining about you and your company!