BlogHer07 Video -- Chloe Spencer and Me Speaking About Money

by Paula Neal Mooney

A big thank you to Daily Blog Tips for leading me to Stephan Spencer's piece called "Forget babysitting and paper routes, teen turns to SEO," which includes a video snippet of me speaking with his daughter Chloe at BlogHer07.

(Thanks for putting it up, Stephan. Who knew you wrote for CNET? Guess I shoulda sucked up a bit more. Jokes.)

Watch the video of the BlogHer07 panel about making money online, and let Chloe inspire you to start your own niche site as she and Stephan inspired me...

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    Jill said…
    Paula Paula Paula!!! I so wanted to get to BlogHer - I have said that for the last two years. So glad to hear you went - hope to make you tell me all about it.

    WB and have a great rest of the summer. (ps - do you know when BlogHer '08 is?)
    Hey Jill!

    BlogHer was really amazing. It was such a good time -- I learned so much and was impressed by the sense of community.

    I asked about BlogHer08 but didn't get info on it.

    As soon as I find out, I'll let you all know.

    Take care,
    JA Huber said…
    I was trying to make it to BlogHer but didn't make it this year, hope to do so next year. Am considering the Blog World Expo in Vegas this November, we'll see. Thanks for sharing the clip, another inspirational piece!
    Vanessa said…
    Hey, Paula! It's been a minute since we've made contact, looks like you had a fabulous time @ BlogHer07. Congrats!

    Hey Vanessa -

    Yeah, I was just catching up with your posts yesterday -- lurking about but I didn't leave a comment.

    I get your stuff emailed to me.
    Jeremy Hobbs said…
    I admire her... I had the ability at her age, but blogging hadn't even really began yet.

    This medium is just so amazing, people have a legit opportunity to make a difference and change the world.
    Disc Jockey said…
    Hi. I too am aspiring to set up an online income for myself. Guess this is one site I surely have to return to regularly.
    Shavar said…
    Man I gotta take my blogging to another level! Very encouraged by your site Paula.

    So is there a BlogHim?? Tell me BlogHer is not just for the ladies lol! : (
    Hey Shavar -

    I think you got a great idea about starting a BlogHim...though you know the ladies will still want in, just like the men who come to BlogHer.

    (There is some kind of black blogging conference in the works.)

    Thanks for the link love!

    I'm glad that God can use this broken vessel to inspire people.

    And I just subscribed to your blog so I can read you all the time.

    Peace out,

    (p.s. Now I'm watching the videos of you on Diff'rent Strokes...)

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