Jonathan MacArthur's MySpace Page Used as an Excuse to Fire the African-American Criminal Defense Attorney and Pro tem Judge

Black Judge Jonathan MacArthur fired over MySpace Pageby Paula Neal Mooney

Pro tem Judge Jonathan MacArthur has been recused (boy, I'm learning a lot of legalese) from his position purportedly because of his MySpace page.

Jonathan MacArthur's MySpace page has been set to private, but here's the lowdown:

The controversial "Breaking my foot off in a prosecutor's ass..." comments at the crux of getting Jonathan MacArthur dooced actually lead to a post created on Friday, June 15, 2007, titled "The Ballad of Jamal Verde," wherein MacArthur takes us average readers inside a drive-by shooting, and lists the reasons why MacArthur defends ogres like that:

"Sometimes otherwise decent people do terrible things. And we hate them for it," MacArthur wrote.

"The victim's little girl will probably never feel like Jamal will suffer enough for taking her father away. But if Jamal were your son, you'd want me to do this job the best that I could. (Especially if he wasn't guilty.)"

Doocing or Witch Hunt?
That's the question I'm asking myself today, especially after reading Jonathan MacArthur's blog post this morning titled "The Sheer Elegance of an Accusation," which contains his biting response to all the controversy:

"As a pro tem judge, I've sat seven (7) times, and have received only compliments as to my judicial demeanor and judgment while on the bench," MacArthur writes, defending himself this time.

David Roger District AttorneyMacArthur goes on to describe Clark County District Attorney David Roger's alleged smear campaign against him.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Jonathan MacArthur moved to the region in 2005 in order "to position himself to run for a new judicial department that opens in 2009."

Though DA David Roger denies that his attempts to remove MacArthur from his pro tem judicial position were part of a larger effort to deny MacArthur from running for judge next year, MacArthur begs to differ.

And Jonathan MacArthur is not bowing to pressure to postpone his campaign -- nor backing down from the chutzpah that has no doubt helped make him such a successful legal eagle thus far:

"But no amount of bluster in this blog will change the fact that Mr. Roger's effort to assassinate my character was very effective," MacArthur posted today on the same MySpace blog that District Attorney David Roger has been trying to use as fuel against the 34-year-old.

"I'm impressed," he continued.

"The misleading use of facts and manipulation of public sentiment were shameful, but Mr. Roger did not become a successful politician without a keen understanding of how to manage mischief."

"So, first round to you, Mr. Roger. But you can't stop me from running in '08. And when I do, I'm going to kick your boy's ass. The demographic, electoral environment, and community needs of North Las Vegas make me a better candidate next year than Mr. Lee.

"In the meantime, if you have nothing better to do than peruse MySpace in search of a scandal to invent, try prosecuting a case sometime. (If you're feeling really adventurous, I'll be in trial on Thursday.)"

Kudos, Judge MacArthur, kudos to you...

And to DA David Roger, the trap you set will be your own.

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