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by Paula Neal Mooney

It's that time again...

...income posting time!

Exactly one month has passed since I last posted my income, and what a blessed month it has been.

First off, my online activities led to a real article sale.

Philip Martin found my writing online and sent me a check for $100 and published me in The New Writer's Handbook 2007: A Practical Anthology of Best Advice for Your Craft and Career, with a preface by Erica Jong.

(Check me out on page 133 if you scoop a copy.)

To be anywhere within the same pages with one of my most favorite legendary authors -- Erica Jong -- is surreal. (Glad to see news that Fear of Flying may be made into a movie starring a great actress, Maggie Gyllenhaal.

The free copy of the book and payment for the piece is included in my income numbers below, as well as the free conference entree to BlogHer07, along with the wining and dining by the Real Simple magazine folks at the W Hotel.

(Never mind the fact that the two nights my family and I spent to stay at the Hilton Garden Inn whilst in Chi-town probably cost the entire amount of earnings this month -- I still believe that the benefits gained from speaking and making contacts at BlogHer07 will pay dividends for years to come.)

So, in examining the major online money makers, I'm most happy with Google Adsense (numbers have been corrected since last post) and Kontera overall as the best deals.

I gave up on Sedo, 'cause Ms. Latina gave me the heads' up with a kind comment on how they dissed her when her revenue got up to 69 bucks.

And TheNewsRoom.com is updating their revenue earnings numbers now, so hopefully those earnings have grown.

But otherwise, here's what I've learned about increasing your Google Adsense income during a time when other people's Adsense income is decreasing:

(1) - The AdsMinded Wide WordPress Theme is working really well on my niche websites. People love clicking on those links at the top of Watch Free Episodes especially. They like clicking on the links at the top of my blog, too, but it takes nearly twice the pageviews to get the same number of clicks.

The theme's creator even shows proof from Google that their theme is all good with Google's Terms of Service. Woo hoo!

(2) - Pitching the Firefox Browser option pays well. You get $1 a pop every time someone downloads the Firefox browser. WordPress makes it easy to drop the script code in your post, and Google's Terms of Service says that you can that you can pitch these referral products away.

Blogger only allows us to put the script code in our templates and in page elements, so it's a bit more difficult to directly pitch the product within a post. But the Firefox browser is a great product that I use daily, so I feel good selling it.

(3) Continually play around with Google Adsense placement, and study where other bloggers place their ads. It's so true that you've just gotta experiment with different shapes and sizes and types of Google ads and monitor your account to learn the ones that are paying off.

And checking out where other successful bloggers place their ads helps -- but do this at your own risk. I don't know if Google allows different ad placements for average bloggers as compared to major websites, but research all their TOS requirements on your own to make sure you're in compliance with the ol' Googe.

Google changes their big old mind about what is and isn't allowable, so it's the wild wild west of blogging these days...

(4) Create detailed custom channels. I've just begun to create really detailed custom channels with my Google Adsense ads so I know which ones are really working and which ones aren't. (Lile "Large Rec Image Top" or whatever.)

My next steps are to seriously study Wendy Piersall's advice on how to use PPC to grow your income numbers even more.

In the meantime, check out the breakdown:

Paula's Online Income
as of August 17, 2007
Click on the links where appropriate that float your boat, sign up if you want:

#Program / WebsiteCUMULATIVE EARNINGS AS OF 8/17/07Increase Since Last Income Post on 7/17/07
1 - Google Adsense & Firefox$1,090.27$300.68
2 - Associated Content1,672.58 44.71
3 - Ghost Blogging850.00 0.00
4 - Kontera339.62
5 - PayPerPost283.01 11.49
6 - Amazon Associates919.39
7 - Feedburner Ad Network39.639.10
8 - SedoWill find new domain parker
I've given up on them!
9 - The News Room?????????????????
10 - Auction Ads / ShoeMoney Media28.200.53
11 - AdBrite 5.970.00
12 - I Envy You essay (here soon)1,425.00100.00
13 - ReviewMe275.000
14 - The Value of Swag, Bloger07
15 - SponsoredReviews175.500
16 - Writer's Digest Contest156.250
17 - Text Link Ads50.000
18 - Earnings for Blogging About Swag40.000
19 - Blogsvertise35.000
20 - CreamAID16.000
21 - Blogitive15.000
22 - LoudLaunch10.000
23 - Squiddo1.020
24 - Chitika eMiniMalls00
25 - SlashMySearch0.010
26- AzooleAds00
27 - Clickbank00
28 - Article sale to The New Writer's Handbook$100.00$100.00
30 - PayPal's Referral Program00
Grand Totals

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    Opal Tribble said…
    Hey congrats! You're doing fabulous! Congrats about having your article featured in the upcoming book.

    I actually think I'll make 1,000 this month. I made $625 last week with affiliate marketing and a advertisement.

    How is Kontera doing on your new websites. I had it on Vegan Momma but I yanked it. I'm thinking of placing it on my niche blogs.

    I might go to BlogHer next year.
    Thanks Opal (as I just downed some French fries and am thinking of breaking open the red wine...but I know your new site will encourage me to do better!)

    Congrats on your good earnings, too. I'm sure affiliate marketing healthy living stuff will continue to pay well.

    And yeah, I like Kontera overall. I just have to remember to remove the Kontera code during my PayPerPost pieces!

    Take care,
    Hi Paula- thanks for the heads up on Sedo from you and Ms. Latina, I have two "typo" domains parked there and was going to post about them on one of my blogs. I am not sure I am entirely going to give up on parking domains yet- but I need to reevaluate it given their policies. -Michelle Smart not Cheap
    The Old Vic said…
    Hi Paula,

    Congratulations on the big bucks ! I have found Sedo to be useless, I used to think it was me but now I'm not so sure. If you are looking for a parking co. check out bodis.com - the guy who set it up, Matt, posts on namepros. It is new and he is really helpful, also for a limited time he is giving out 100% of revenue (I'm not sure if this offer is expired yet so don't shoot me if I'm wrong) I just registered phroggers as it seemed to be topical at the moment. You can also add your own text to increase your SEO, as you are an SEO expert you should do well ! Vic
    Oh my God, Old Vic!

    I just tried to buy phrogging the other day and it was taken. I didn't even think of phroggers.com -- congrats!

    And thanks for the info.

    Isn't it freaky that some people break into other people's houses and try to stay there without the owners' knowledge?

    Kooky kids...

    You should do well with that domain.

    Let me know how bodis pays.

    Take care,
    Laura said…
    Wow Paula!

    You're getting there. $1,000 in 1 month (finally). I'm so happy for you (and so hoping that it's not too far off for me.

    Thanks for sharing this encouragement!!
    mslatinarenee said…
    I forgot all about that multiply link. Thanks.

    It looks like you may be a MoneyGirl On The Internet too.

    Be Blessed!
    JFBlogger said…
    If you're interested you can track google adsense clicks using javascript and analytics. It's very easy, full instructions here

    Thanks Laura, Bonnie and Ms. Latina (I love your nicknames for me!)
    God is good. I'm grateful for the income increase steadily and surely to go forth with my new mantra:


    And thank you, too, Jargon Free Blogger, for the SEO Book link.

    I love their search tool. I use it all the time. Now I can look into the link you provided.

    Peace and love all,
    frank boon said…
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