$736.02 Blogging Income Last Month -- Am I working hard enough?

by Paula Neal Mooney

I feel kinda how this lady looks in this pic right now.

Up at 12:54 a.m, just going over my last month's blogging revenue and wondering if I've left out a number somewhere.

No -- that looks right, I guess -- $736.02 earned from August 17 - September 17, 2007, as broken down in the table below.

Not meaning to sound ungrateful. I know some bloggers would LOVE to have that much revenue. But salivating over the $17,000-plus John Chow made last month, I couldn't help but to ask myself:

Am I working hard enough? Does God just not like me? What am I doing wrong?

Perish those thoughts, as my mom would say.

Betting on LinkWorth to make more money next month...

A couple of other reputable bloggers (like Genius Types and 5xmom) have talked about the money they've made with LinkWorth -- so I signed up.

Hopefully they'll come thru...

I put in so many hours blogging and with website and content creation -- at least 40 hours or more per week -- but I must keep in mind that I'm still at the beginning stages of this thing.

I know that online income can look more like this graph to the right, with dips and turns, taking time before it climbs to the skies.

How did I make money on the internet?

Thank God for my dad's ghost-blogging check, Google, Associated Content and PayPerPost (the latter two I've stepped up the writing for lately) or else the numbers would be truly low.

And thank goodness for the words of Lilian over at 5xmom.com -- who posted $4,275.50 blogging income last month -- and left me with the best inspirational advice I needed when feeling jealous over the Chow-man:

Lilian said: "Don’t envy, you can do it too if you fill your blog with great content. It is impossible to make much money with only one blog, diversify and persevere."

I know all this work will pay off bigger soon!

Paula's Online Income
as of September 17, 2007
Click on the links where appropriate that float your boat, sign up if you want:

#Program / WebsiteCUMULATIVE EARNINGS AS OF 9/17/07Increase Since Last Income Post on 8/17/07
1 - Google Adsense & Firefox$1,280.50$190.23
2 - Associated Content1,839.13 166.55
3 - Ghost Blogging975.00 125.00
4 - Kontera371.53
5 - PayPerPost404.32
6 - Amazon Associates1,007.81
7 - Feedburner Ad Network49.7710.14
8 - SedoWill find new domain parker
I've given up on them!
9 - The News Room2.42
10 - Auction Ads / ShoeMoney Media28.240.04
11 - AdBrite 5.970.00
12 - My 'Mommy Matters' column1,425.000.00
13 - ReviewMe275.000.00
14 - The Value of Swag, Bloger07
15 - SponsoredReviews175.500
16 - Writer's Digest Contest156.250
17 - Text Link Ads50.000
18 - Earnings for Blogging About Swag40.000
19 - Blogsvertise35.000
20 - CreamAID16.000
21 - Blogitive15.000
22 - LoudLaunch10.000
23 - Squiddo1.020
24 - Chitika eMiniMalls00
25 - SlashMySearch0.010
26- AzooleAds00
27 - Clickbank00
28 - Article sale to The New Writer's Handbook$100.000
30 - PayPal's Referral Program00
Grand Totals


linker said…
Hi Paula,
I bet my statistics will cheer you and give the boost to carry on.

I made $1.01 from my 1st blog and even that has not reached my hands yet. So you are way above me. :)

Currently I am entertaining all and gathering crowd in my new venture Link And Earn.

If you have ever won something online, you have to be at Link And Earn

JFOX said…
I don't do blogging but I did discover a way to make quick money... I took this old website I had from 2003 and started selling the leads from the site! At $15 a piece + adsense I make $1500/mo! ;-) - here's the site: Rent to own homes
CompuWorld said…
ooo man...

that is huge..

i hope i reach there some day and you dont even seem to have any cool design..

will try out few of those where you are earning money...
Martin Lindsey. said…
Not to worry. You're listed as the top Black blogger on Villager's new post. It's bound to throw some traffic your way.
Thanks for cheering me up, peeps.

And yeah, I love the Adsense Wide Theme of my other sites, but this Blogger blog -- I plan to change it to a better design.

I'd love a 3-column deal that loads the content first on the left-hand side with Adsense optimized design.

I hope and pray Google comes out with some free blogspot designs soon that don't cause any SEO trouble like some of the ones that I've heard people use now.

Happy Day,
5xmom.com said…
Hi Paula,

All glory to God for His blessings. I am just lucky that I hit some nice keywords and I really work hard. LOL, where I come from, we are 12 hrs ahead of NY (+8 GMT) so I stayed up till 4 am to get in tune with the US companies.

Glad you find that little word from me inspiring. Thanks!
Well, you're a bit ahead of me, so now I am the one who has to be jealous of you. Really though I just keep telling myself small steps. No one gets to $17,000 a month all at once. So, I keep plugging away and maybe...one day...
Casthompson said…
You're doing great!! Whatever you do, don't give up!!
Hello Paula,

I have visited your site several times and you have inspired me to start blogging. I am having a hard time getting it off the ground. I would really appreciate your input as a mentor. Could you please email me? My email address is realconversations@gmail.com

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks!
Villager said…
Paula - I appreciate you being willing to be so candid about the blogging income that you bring in. It is an inspiration for many of us that think about monetizing our blog. Stay strong and keep doing what you do!

I would love your assessment of the Electronic Village. What is the 'next step' that I should use to monetize my blog in your view?

$736.02 is nothing to sneeze at. It may not yet be as much as John Chow makes in a month, but it sure is a lot more than I make. What's your secret. Debo Hobo talks about John Chow and he comes to vsit her site. http://debohobo.com/
Real Conversations -
I just emailed you but it came back undeliverable.

Hey Wayne!
Congratulations on your 200th post.

Heck, I need to take advice from you. I'm lovin' the three column design you've got.

I want to find one just like it that loads the content first on the left, because I hear that really helps with SEO.

How are your traffic numbers? I plan to post a pageview post Wednesday about that -- because that obviously helps with click-thrus.

But I also had a hard time finding your Google Adsense ads -- I only saw one about YouTube at the top of one of the post in the middle of the page.

You may want to consider putting some links at the top in your header -- those are some of my most-reliable paying Google Adsense ads.

Plus, try signing up with that LinkWorth place above under my affiliate link if you haven't already.

You are good at marketing your posts to others, and usually have a lot of comments, so I think you'd maybe benefit from them.

I'm hoping I will...

I tried to sell links for a custom price of $500 per month on this blog and my TV site, but they rejected it.

So I went down to $350 per month, hoping they'll say yes. I'll keep at it till they say yes.

Plus I signed up three of my blogs under their paid blogging section, those approvals are still pending.

Try it out.

If 5xmom.com and the other guy above in the post are making legitimate money with them -- more than their Google Adsense -- I'd say we'd better get in on that good deal!

Hey The All Seeing Eye from Texas
Did I tell you how much I love Sugar Land?

Anyhoo, find all my money making blogging secrets here in this thread and find out all my secrets for building traffic, and therefore get more click-thrus and pageviews in this thread.

I also find it critical to pull away from this blogosphere every once and a good while -- at least for a few hours or more -- to get quiet enough to hear the voice of God and know what He wants me to do.

Think outside the blog, He told me this morning.

I had to smile.
Yes, and I might add that niche sites are all the rage and I see why.

The click thru rates on sites that focus on a specific, hot niche as opposed to more general sites are wonderful.

It the reason by grace I started the sites about micro braids with pictures and the site where you can download new full movies and watch them online most recently.
Laura said…
You're doing terrific. You keep right on going. I'm doing some of the same things you do, but don't see nearly the same income.
I think if you focus on perhaps fewer revenue sources you'll pick up your earnings.

You might want to get a redesign done as it will give you a boost with a cleaner design.

Often times we go through stuck in a rut then your blog breaks out. Johnchow had a popular blog, but it didn't break out until he had that clever linkback promotion. Check for yourself. He shot up. Its all there. I think you can do it.
kystorms said…
wow, Paual
From where I sit, this is awesome girl!
I know how it feels, to be looking at 17,000 per month, the thing that scares me more than not earning the money, is not getting the readers!
I know they are out there, but how to show them I am here?
Thanks for posting this for us, it helps so much. How do you make such great looking tables?
:-) Don't worry Paula, just remember your not where God intends you to be... yet
Sister2brother said…
As always it is a pleasure reading your blog.

so many different resources and opportunities that one has to earn an income from blogging!

I just posted about Perez Hilton on my blogs - he is a perfect example of someone who has successfully managed to make a living because of his blog.

Personally I myself aspire to the same thing. I'm inspired by the fact that I could even be in the list that you had about the salaries that some people have earned with their adsense - although I would be in the lower 25% it is still encouraging to me because so many people are talking about how little money they have with Adsense so far

and I truly believe that the potential is there!
Simonne said…
Hey, Paula, I think you're doing a great job. You are already in everybody's attention, due to your "bloggers' salaries" post. Now, if you write great content, it won't pass unnoticed. Besides, you are lucky that you can diversify your income streams. For example, I cannot have a PayPal account (which makes me not suitable to use Pay per Post, and other programs).
Glen said…
I cant remember where I read it at but there are less than 5% of bloggers making over $50 per month so you are doing quite well for yourself.

My main money makers are Adsense, Text link Ads, direct ads, and affiliate sales. I recently hit $1000 a month from my blog and I don't have as much going on as you so I think I need to work harder.

The sites like John Chow and Problogger have people looking to make money so they have lots of traffic which results in higher income. It all comes down to traffic. At times that I average 2000 visitors per day or more my money is great, when it drops below 1000 per day the money is not as good.

Keep doing what you do best and the money will work itself out.
Thanks, Glen.

Man -- that's an amazing video you had on your site.

I belive the only danger for bloggers diversifying is that they can end up with more ads than content.
Invisible Woman said…
Hi Paula. I used se7en at blogsgonewild.net and so did Wayne....he's very, very reasonable; check out his site-I think you'll be inspired.
Thanks, Invisible Woman, that site has some beautiful Blogger skins.

How is the se7en template on SEO?

I may as well try it...

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