Amateur Blogs: Free Video TV Show Links Will Immediately Increase Your Blog Traffic

Amateurs blogs with links to free Paula Neal Mooney

"Immediately increase my blog traffic!"

That's the fervent desire of many a webmaster and blogger. And I've hit on a way to help increase blog traffic, almost by accident.

It's so good that I've debated all night about keeping this niche to myself, but Rev Run's email the other day about being more concerned with being a blessing than getting a blessing still stirs my soul today.

How My Blog Traffic Increased
One day I blogged about VideoHybrid, a site that lets people watch free movies and TV shows online. "VideoHybrid: Watch Free Movies and TV Shows Online," I titled it innocently enough.

Every now and then when checking the search terms that people typed in to find my blog, I'd notice stuff like "watch free TV online" or more specific stuff like "watch The Office TV show full episodes online" leading people to the original post.

Hmmm...the Holy Spirit brought a fresh idea to my mind:

Why don't I create a big old grid of free TV shows available to watch online with full episodes, along with the titles of the programs to make it easier for folks?

That grid of free TV shows brought me even more blog traffic from people searching for specific shows to watch online.

Hmmm...the wheel in the middle of a wheel told me one day, "Blog about watching Grey's Anatomy full TV show episodes for free online."

I did, and that post has helped catapult my little side amateur blog for pics from a site that got only 7 visitors per day to one that now has 200 or more pageviews per day lately and growing...

So, if you've got amateur blogs on the side -- or feel like your main blog is your amateur blog and love to watch TV -- glean from these lessons I've learned to immediately increase your blog traffic:

1 - Try and get the words "free, TV, watch, online" plus the name of the TV show in the title of your post's URL

Full free episodes of The Starter Wife online...Of course, with long show names, this isn't always possible, like my post about watching full free episodes of The Starter Wife online. Notice that the "online" word didn't make it in the URL, but it still counts in Google-land somehow.

2 - It helps if you actually watch the show... my authentic fondness of watching full episodes of TV shows like Brothers and Sisters, so I can speak to readers about specific plot lines.

3 - ...but it's not totally necessary.

I've never seen a full episode of the TV show 24 in my life, but that didn't stop me from blogging about it.

4 - Look everywhere for free episodes -- and you might still make money off related products.

Do a little research and take the time your readers don't have to lead them to free episodes of their favorite new or old TV shows online.

Check YouTube, Google Video, PeekVid...everywhere.

And don't hesitate to still let them know that full TV episodes are available on Google Video or Amazon's Unbox Video Downloads for $1.99 -- or on to the full seasons of TV shows available on DVD like I did in the 24 post.

Or, attach related books like The Starter Wife post.

If you've joined Amazon Associates program and link those links to your affiliate ID, you'll get paid a portion of what they buy!

5 - It helps if it's a new, hot show

Like The Starter Wife or I Married a Baller, shows being buzzed about (by me and my friend at the park yesterday, by the whole country overall) that are still under the radar of the larger viewing public are optimal to blog about right now.

6 - Even free partial episodes of TV shows will bring you visitors

Last night I searched around for free full episodes of I Married a Baller to watch online, but AOL Television had none yet -- and USA Network only had clips.

I'm glad I'd already watched most of the I Married a Baller full episodes on TV already, so I could post a nice long post about them, and expound upon the partial clips offered on USA Network's site.

Already people have found that post, people searching for info about the theme song and Taj and such.

7 - Post all this stuff on your side amateur blog and drive traffic to your main blog...

...if you don't want to drive your email subscribers to push the unsubscribe button when they keep getting emails about TV shows they don't care about.

Notice how the header on my "amateur blogs for pics" drives traffic back here, therefore I've given people who are interested in making money blogging the choice to subscribe here, without driving my subscribers away.

(In fact, the one person who found the RSS button I'd placed waaayyy on the bottom of that purely search-engine traffic blog promptly unsubscribed.)

So there you have it.

Turn your so-called amateur blogs (yes, I'm just using that term to get the porn traffic, not that I think any of our blogs are amateur) into a blog with more traffic by employing these tips.

The next time you're watching your favorite TV show, go search online for free episodes of it and blog about it.

And let me know when your stats go up!

I'm just one beggar trying to tell another beggar where to find bread...


Donbizblogger said…
Paula, another way to increase traffic is to interview people about the business they're starting, a book they're writing. I've come up with that as the purpose for my "Hey, Don" blog on

I enjoy talking to folks about a range of issues. I'm going to start breaking them into topics each week. One person even offered to be a guest contributor.

Now, I'll work on getting the ads to work more effectively.

Thanks for all your input.
Wow Paula! I am in! ok then, thanks!!
Donbizblogger said…
Does anyone know an acceptable ratio of page impressions to clicks on Google adsense? In other words, for every 100 visitors to your site should you typically get 2 paid clicks or 5 paid clicks? I'm sure there are many variables.
Hi Don -
Yeah, they have a lot of writing out there about CTR, or good click-thru rates for Google Adsense.

I'm just happy when I see any clicks with money next to it!

Hi Kimberly -
Thanks for the email to my inbox, too.

tAnYeTTa said…
you are so smart. and to think i always go a jig when i get more than 5 visitors a day. if my traffic increased to 100, i would probably faint :)
zaki said…
WOW,...good idea!!
I'm going to try to use it (but i don't know yet how..) for my technical chemical engineering blog...

Really impressed with you paula...
Hey, T!

Yeah, God still amazing me DAILY on the stuff he teaches me.

I just bought another domain name for a new site that I'm setting up now.

I never knew I'd be a webmaster! I used to envy those guys at work...

Hi Zaki
Yes, I'm still gaining more info for international viewers, and how you guys can watch TV shows online.

Do you watch any online from Malaysia?

jdoriot said…
Great idea! Thanks for sharing. I'm going to come back later this evening to read looks like you have a ton of great advice here!
The Entrepreneur Guide said…
Thanks fo the tip! I am going to see if I can incorporate somehow. Talk to you soon.
Thanks for sharing. Another little niche I found that is easy to rank for is "voicemail greetings". I wrote a blog post about YouMail, a personalized voicemail website, and get all kinds of visitors looking for things related to voicemail greetings, "funny voicemail greeting", "business voicmail greeting", etc.
pearl said…
you are way too creative paula :) love to read your blog and amazed at all the new stories each time and every time .. great work!
zaki said…
hmmm not for the time being Paula,
I'm to busy to watch online TV. I do both, blogging in front of my cable TV.

However, I'm interested to know and discover online TV...
Ron said…
A lot of good info to get a blog to earn more. Thanks. I'm trying to do it without turning off my few readers so I'll look around on your blog here.
I Heart Drupal said…
Hmmm, great idea for strategy. I wonder though, how long will the sites that show free movies be allowed to stay online, aren't they illegal??
Hello There jdoriot
I hope there's a ton of great advice!

Stay blessed.

Hola, The Entrepreneur Guide
Yeah, throw some posts up about watching TV and movies online and let me know how they do.

Make Money Blogging -- like the title
People do love those joke "voicemail greetings".

And I'd never even heard of YouMail, so thanks for the tip.

Creativity from the Creator of all things.

I love it!

You're a good multitasker, it sounds like.

Hi Ron
Yes, I try to be gentle with my gentle readers.

I Heart Drupal
Where's Drupal? Who's Drupal?

Anyway, looks like even the legit sites like ABC and others are finally getting hip to the fact that people want to watch TV and movies online!

Hope lots of them follow suit.
Mara Cruz said…
It captured my attention for what you've posted, it was very nice and informative for those who's also in this kind of field or in the field of entertainment .keep up the good work and more power on behalf of @
Riemann Shah said…
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Lais Edward said…
well i guess this works the same for Fox Prison Break!!! It's awesome!!!
Missy Monroe said…
Great info, especially about the importance of increasing you CTR. I really think user content is becoming greater after just starting with CTR alone.
That's cool with all that!!seriously..about the episodes if you wanna watch you can watch on my site too Watch Prison Break Episode

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