Ten Legit Ways to Make Money Blogging

Get paid to blog! Make Money Blogging! Paid blogging! Billion dollar blogger!

The ads may scream with pay-to-blog scams, but here are ten real ways to make money blogging:

1 - Associated Content - Okay, so AC isn't a blogging site, but AC has been "berry, berry" good to me since I joined them August 16, 2006. Rates vary, some moaners fill the forums with complaints about $3 offers, but other content producers get to work, hustle and earn $235 a week. Though that isn't the norm for most CPs, I love Associated Content. They've been a complete blessing, and I refuse to bite the hand that feeds me and my kids Burger King.

2 - Amazon Associates - This has been a great moneymaker, especially during this Christmas season. Amazon doesn't want bloggers blabbing about specific numbers, so I'll be coy. But sign up, put cute pics of the sweet laptop you want to buy your hubby for Christmas that you promise the kids nor you will touch, (I finally figured out what he wanted after commenters said I must not know my husband when they read this post) along with banners and those great Amazon search boxes all over your blog and voila!

People click and buy and search and buy and buy and buy and buy (we Americans love to buy, heh?) and Amazon affiliates like me (and soon, you?) get anywhere from 4% - 8.5% based upon the terms set forth here.

Catch Beyonce on Oprah talking about how she lost weight, blog about a product that you yourself will probably buy (once that quarter-end Amazon money and monthly Google Adsense money kicks in) and before you know it, you've got moola!

3 - ReviewMe - Check out my post about ReviewMe.com to see how I got on. So far I've gotten paid for two great offers, but none have come in the past month or so, I'd say.

4 - CREAMaid - The first post I wrote for CREAMaid titled "I'm loving it too much..." paid 10 easy bucks and the second called "This is me and my energy..." paid 6 bucks (and so far 2 bucks in referral fees) but the thing I love most about CREAMaid is that they put the money in your PayPal account within 24 hours after they accept your post and you confirm the payment email they send.

5 - Blogsvertise - They've been cool and fairly consistent with the offers. Plus, they let me write how I want to and allow me stretch my creative advertising-copywriting muscles with posts like "I though the brotha was trying to hit on me..." and "I'm on the hunt for a new cell phone..." and such. So far I've racked up 30 bucks with them, payable one month after the posts were accepted. Plus, dealing with Cheryl there has been very pleasant. I like pleasant people...

6 - Google Adsense - Can't talk about what my earnings are up to, but my Google Adsense for Content (not making much off Google Referral Products yet -- need to display those banners better -- and can't use Google Adsense for Search on Blogger Beta, I hear -- I tried and tried and tried) is slowly and steadily building as my pageviews increase. Once a person hits 100 bucks, they'll get paid in the ensuing month.

7 - Blogitive - Good thing I checked my account on Blogitive today...I had 3 offers waiting to be accepted. I'd grown tired of checking them every day about one week after I signed up, so I forgot about them. Then lo and behold, 3 offers! Now, if I could just get my logon to work so I can go post them and get paid and tell y'all if they're really legit... I believe they are.

8 - Pay Per Post - Yes, they rejected my blog back when I wasn't a daily blogger, but I plan to apply again soon. Those top earners are making close to 4,000 bucks! I won't stop till you bless my blog's soul, too, PayPerPost editors!!!!!

9 - Orble - Duh! I finally figured out today where to put my Google Adsense ID on Orble, many days after I'd gotten lots of hits for Orble posts like this, but at least it's there now to start racking up the pennies.

10 - PayPal Cash Back Bonus Program - Check out PayPal's cash back program, as well as their referral program for merchants. It's so cool to see that little green dollar sign and unexpected dollars (or mostly cents) increasing my PayPal account balance, which is currently earning 5.03% -- that is, on the money that I don't immediately withdraw from the ATM using my PayPal debit card, or use to buy dog food and eggs at Giant Eagle.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.
So, those are all my get-paid-while-blogging tips. Bookmark me at http://www.paulamooney.blogspot.com/ for more money-making tips, and share the wealth -- leave some of your blogging-for-bucks tips in the comments section.

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wow great list of ways to make money online. I have to check out those sites you mentions. Thanks


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Steve Sildon said…
Using Commission Junction with affiliate offers to monetize your content is a much better way (more money) than AdSense or other contextual ad programs. Believe me, I've tried them all.
Anonymous said…
ORBLE is a Scam.

Do not touch them.
Yeah, I think you're right about Orble.

Once I wrote this post about Orble saying they'd pay bloggers $40 per week possibly and it got so much attention right away.

But I never ended up seeing any money from Orble!

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