Rejected my Blog...

...but accepted my Associated Content page when I registered on and entered my specific AC page's RSS feed address at,
AC's home page URL and Paula Mooney's Page in the description field. Since ReviewMe pulled up the correct pic of me on AC's home page, I'm considering the below link to my paid review all gravy!

I found ReviewMe when trolling around Technorati's top searches page a day or two ago and immediately signed up. They reject my blog ASAP -- much faster than it took to reject my blog.

But I didn't feel too bad when I read that bugs that still need to be worked out with ReviewMe also reportedly caused them to reject Michael Arrington's TechCrunch, which is like, number SIX on Technorati's hella-popular blogs list! (But mabye this alleged rejection was due to the sponsor connection deal, not that Arrington wants to promote ReviewMe in a positive light, anyway.)

As you can see from the comments regarding the get-paid-to-blog issue accompanying that TechCrunch post, some folks are vehemently opposed to bloggers getting paid one thin dime for a blog posting. What is it with other bloggers acting like such purists over folks who get paid to post?

Yeah, I get the question of ethics in writing. I admire the PostSecret guy to no end for not selling ad space on his wonderfully-popular blog. But I'm sure he made money off his book deal, right?

Getting paid to blog -- at least some postings -- is the future and we might as well not fight it, nor assume we're all pay-per-post whores for profiting from our long hours of reporting to the world what we like and dislike about products. Neither should everyone assume bloggers are out to sell their souls.

Take my post about my new Vista Print business cards, for example. I blogged that out of pure excitement about finding a great deal and wanted to tell all my unique viewers that Vista Print was not a scam, entertaining them with a true story about how God created a bunch of "serendipity" to lead me to them.

Lo and behold, some anonymous commenter quipped "Nice advertorial", which was the God's-honest first time I even thought of the post being construed as that. Okay, so I did joke within the Kid-Tough Digital Camera post that Fisher Price should pay me to promote their product, but that was mostly a joke...mostly.

If rich FP did decide to throw me 5k in the wake of that review, would I turn it down? Heckie naw, as they say. Unless my Spirit told me no. And since I'm feeling the go-ahead to run with the ReviewMe thing, please note that this blog post was not paid for, but that this piece is...

Thanks for reading! Feel free to bookmark or blogroll me at and drop back in some day to see what I'm up to next. Blessings and love, Paula

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Colleen said…
I'm registered there as well. What are your throughts on Blogitive at ? I've be interested in hearing what you think of it. They're really ramping up now and putting the call our for bloggers. If you're not registered, use me as a referral -
Hey Colleen...thanks for the heads up about Blogitive. But this guy Dave Taylor warns that if Google catches folks using blog-linking sites, they could drop them to the bottom of the search rankings:

I'm still thinking about it and researching. What does everyone else think about and Blogitive and what about Get Them Blogging at

I applied there yesterday.

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