Kid-Tough Digital Camera

Woo! 70 Bones! (Update: Looks like you can double that price since I last blogged about this kid-tough digital camera)

Still...I must have one of these new digital cameras for kids from the geniuses at Fisher Price, who obviously know enough about rowdy and Ansel Adams would-be kids to develop a kid-tough digital camera strong enough to withstand bumps and bruises.

Fisher Price obviously also knows enough about us material-hungry parents raising pride-producing pint-sized Picassos (strike that, he was loony), miniature Georgia O'Keefes (yes, I know they were both painters -- you got the Ansel Adams reference above, right?) to know that we'll drop 70 bucks on a new toy instead of our mounting credit card debt to make for happy and prodigious munchkins.


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