My New Vista Print Business Cards

Vista Print Business Cards
Normally I don't click on the emails I get that are loaded with colorful photos that look like spam. But today, when I got an advertisement email from VistaPrint, for 250 free full-color business cards, I took it as a sign from God.

You see, my old business cards from Office Max are great (only 11 bucks for a row of a thousand) but they are plain black and white with the newbie type of writer quill and ink well logo.

Plus, they had my home address on them, and I felt uncomfortable handing them to just any Joe Blow that I needed to interview, even if I did meet those Joe Blows at church.

There are No Coincidences
Months ago I was clicking around Amazon looking for authors of forthcoming books to interview, and I came across Katina Z. Jones, author of several books. Amazingly, we discovered that we both live in the same town -- Akron, Ohio -- only blocks away from each other! (You gotta love that Net to bring the world closer together, heh?)

So Katina and I met for coffee at our local Starbucks, and she plunked down her card.

I'm looking at it now: red and lime green and beautiful. She got it from Vista Print. This is how I knew that they were legit.

This is also how I knew that their free isn't totally free, but all you have to do is pay shipping. Mine was only $5.25 for bare minimum, no holder, no laminate, but still fabulously designed card...very Toni Morrison, The Bluest Eye, don't you think?...But what does that say about me?

The money in my PayPal account took care of that and my tithes since Associated Content just paid me a whopping 25 bucks for this profile of fellow blogger Peter Mooney.

God Really Does Work All Things Together for Good... matter how big, no matter how small. If He's speaking to you too about expanding your blogging or whatever business, feel free to take a "second chance to grab" the offer email that VistaPrint sends you or visit them now and "order 250 professionally printed, full-color business cards for [nearly] free right now."

But DO NOT fall for that 10 bucks back rebate offer, because, if you read the fine pixels, it will charge a monthly fee to the same card you just plopped down for shipping for membership in the Vista Print rewards program.

All I did was click on it and close it, then I received an email welcoming me to the program! But I simply called Vista Print toll-free at 1-888-243-6185 to cancel my membership so that nothing would be charged. A very helpful and friendly woman named Erin (Employee ID # 46356) helped to cancel it.

Voila! New and beautiful cards on the way!



Anonymous said…
very nice advertorial..
Thanks, Anonymous...I don't mind calling them like I see them. That includes writing about good products where I find them.
brian said…
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with better prices and better product they will be the next vista print .If you want to try them out they will
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type in firstonefree.
ali naqvi said…
It's really interesting business cards info...keep it up..!!!!!!!!

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