I though the brotha was trying to hit on me...

...when he sat behind me on the "el" train as we rode in the middle of the Dan Ryan Expressway towards the end of the line at 95th and State streets.

I was in my early 20s, had graduated from Florida A & M University and returned home to Chicago to take whatever job I could get. Back then, in a city like Chi-town, every Tom, Dick and Harry would accost me on the street saying all kinds of weird stuff, so I have to admit I played the brotha off big time when he began chatting me up.

Puts me in mind of an LL Cool J song:

I tell you "Come here," you say "Meet me half way"
'Cause brothers been poppin' that yang all day

Back then brothers were "poppin' that yang all day" long, so when this one began to tell me about his travels to London with Arthur Andersen, I wondered how long it would be till he asked for my phone number.

"You should go to London some day," he said. "It's a really cool place for black people."

"Really?" I answered, later amazed when he rose to leave without asking for the seven digits nor my name. Wow, I thought to myself, slightly insulted, he wasn't trying to hit on me...London must really be a cool place for black folks.

So even now, over a decade later, when I hear anything about London, be it Harrods or Big Ben or petrol or lift or telly or even London English School, English Course London, London English Course, I remember that I really should visit London.

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