Mychal Bell, Jena Six, 6, Michael, Mychael, Gena, Gina ... However it's spelled, the September 20th Louisiana march may reduce his jail sentence...

gina six, gena louisiana, gina louisiana, gena la, gena 6, gina 6, gina louisiana, mychal bell, jena louisiana, gena six, gina 6, michael bell,September 20, rally,sept 20,free,jail,donate,fight,marchby Paula Neal Mooney

Jena 6 / Six Video Coverage of Protest March / Rally today, September 20, 2007, in Jena, Louisiana:

  1. If you haven't heard of the Jena Six (6), here's the most eloquent low-down I've read thus far...

  2. And Mychal Bell -- one of the Jena Six (6) -- was denied bond. Mychal Bell doesn't sound like a choir boy, but neither do the white students who purportedly cracked a black student's head open with a bottle -- and are not facing 22 years in prison.

  3. Either way, I signed the Jena Six (6) petition just now...

  4. gina six, gena louisiana, gina louisiana, gena la, gena 6, gina 6, gina louisiana, mychal bell, jena louisiana, gena six, gina 6, michael bell,September 20, rally,sept 20,free,jail,donate,fight,march
  5. ...and I donated my fin to the Jena Six (6) legal defense fund.

  6. The Lord alone knows if I'll be down in Jena, Louisiana for the planned march and rally for Mychal Bell on September 20th organized by Michael Baisden to ensure Bell's sentencing is fair...

  7. But I know God has worked thru us bloggers and protesters to free Shaquanda Cotton, will hopefully free Genarlow Wilson...and will prayerfully move like a mighty rushing wind to set all the Jena Six (6) free from racial injustice.

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    Yobachi said…
    Are you familiar with the Day of Blogging for Justice tomorrow?
    Beckylooo said…
    Glad you found my post useful. Thanks for the link.

    On a much lighter note, glad to have found a fellow Fantasy Football chick on the tubes. My draft's tonite. Oooo doggies.
    Roberto said…
    Hi Paula,
    Love your blog and I am a subscriber. I follow your up to date posts and this one re: the Jena 6 interested me. You might, when you have some time, enjoy reading some of my posts in The Silver People Chronicle, a journal about Black Panamanians who had to deal with "Jim Crow" here on the Canal Zone. It was one of the less desirable American imports.
    God bless you!
    Roberto said…
    To save you from digging in the archives, here is one of the posts:
    "The Perpetuity of Tensions"
    Martin Lindsey. said…
    Good work Paula. I generally don't listen to Michael Baisden's show because, quite frankly, it's trashy and not the least bit redeeming in any way but I'm glad he's picked up on something like this and taken it to a wider audience via the airwaves.

    The Steve Harvey Morning Show has been giving it some due attention as well. And it's a much better show by the way. Tavis Smiley has commented on these different situations with his weekly commentary on the Tom Joyner Morning Show too.

    Seems like the blogosphere and Afrosphere are beginning to influence the general media to make themselves useful in their decisions on what actually makes news.

    Still a long way to go until the national T.V. and radio networks open their eyes and give sufficient time and attention to stories like this. Guess they'll stay behind the times like they always do.
    Laura said…
    Wow! SEO Books is a really neat tool! Thanks Paula!
    Villager said…
    I hope that you're right about the Sept 20 event causing the young man's sentence to be reduced.

    I think that I'm going to shift my focus to the governor. She wants us (American taxpayers) to pay for rebuilding of her state, particularly New Orleans, yet, she can't get off her butt to be a positive force for healing in Jena, LA. That is worthy of note by us bloggers.

    Anyhow, I continue to enjoy the flow of your blog. You are truly amazing. Do you blog fulltime now?

    Oh...and I REALLY like your new avatar-photo compared to the one you had when I first met ya'! (smile)

    peace, Villager

    peace, Villager
    Hey Beckylooo - It's my husband who knows all the Fantasy Football stuff.

    But I hope you win your draft. (Unless my husband's in your league. ;-) )

    I'll head on over...God bless you too!

    Thanks for telling about Steve Harvey jumping on The Jena Six case too.

    I didn't realize that. (The scuttlebutt is that Oprah is interested in The Jena Six case too now. I hope to God she covers it on her show.)

    Don't you just love that SEO free tool book thingee?

    Whenever I feel like some long-term traffic, I give that thing a whirl and come up with some good pillar posts that'll bring folks back.

    I'm grateful that you hipped me to this whole Jena Six deal first.

    (Oprah might pick up the plight of the Jena 6, according to Yahoo.)

    Happy Labor Day Weekend Everybody!
    Villager Wayne,

    I forgot to say that yes, feels like I put in full-time hours on all my sites.

    But I love it -- and I'm grateful for the flexibility. Being able to answer comments and blog at 12:10 a.m. ...
    mlankton said…
    It's disgusting that this sort of thing still happens. When are we going to evolve beyond this? I work in county government, and racial discrimination is rampant.

    Raise your kids to respect people who are different and appreciate their differences and hopefully our grandchildren won't live in such a hateful world.
    Tiani said…
    I want to say that I am shocked however I'm not. This country was based on lies and murder. Everyday we see how wrong our justice system is. There is no way to discribe my discuss with all these networks that do not discuss this matter. I guess they feel it's just another black young men losing the rest of his life by the hands of a "judge". What in world is going on in Lousiana? Where are all the so called Black Leaders. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, NAACP. How long are we going to march when nothing is being done. Our top black lawyer should have gone done to research ever loop hole they could find to help these young men. I sincerely pray for the families involved. God Bless and God doesn't make any mistakes and his promises are real.
    Anonymous said…
    The six young negro men who cowardly knocked out this caucasian student and then kicked him and stomped on him like savage animals belong in prison for at least two to three decades.
    Sunny Ellis said…
    Did you see that an appeals judge threw out both convictions for Mychal Bell saying that he couldn't be tried as an adult for Aggravated Battery or conspiracy.

    I wrote an article about it
    And Justice For All

    This is so much more than just a race issue. It is about justice for all people regardless or race, income, creed, etc. I'm glad to see some sense prevailing.
    Anonymous said…
    Hello everyone. I think its sad that this town and many others like it will throw the book at a black male when they do the smallest crime and when a white boy in a mostly white town does something simular they get a fine or probation or at the worst get sent off to a camp. I am a white woman who lived in a all white county in Ky for a few years as a child and 15 years later had to return along with my black fiance' to go to court and the town had not changed at all.We had racial slurs thrown at us and I was verbally bashed in front of a officer who said nothing. This brought rage to me and I can see how these young boys feel living in a town of ignorance. Let them go!!!!!

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