New PayPerPost Video Ads Pay Based on Technorati, Google and Alexa Ranking

by Paula Neal Mooney

Looks like the big news today is that is going to start paying us posties to video-blog about specific products in a different manner than before. Woo hoo!

What's interesting is that Eric Berlin writes that PayPerPost will pay for "new video ad products, targeted channels, and payment based upon traffic rankings from Alexa, Google, and Technorati."

Man am I thanking God today for all the tips received from Bonnie Calhoun about joining Bloggin' Chicks (see my blogroll in the sidebar and click on that for more info) and that I posted those 2000 Bloggers Projects pics on my blog (don't click that link unless you have a fast connection, cause as Bonnie correctly warned, this can truly slow down your dial-up traffic).

My already rising Technorati ranking is 8,400-ish right now! Praying my Google Pagerank will rise as well...

Sure, Ted Murphy is targeting the Top 100 bloggers, but let's hope and pray the PayPerPost bigger offer for video ads love filters down to us eventual Top 100 bloggers, too.

They already accepted and paid me for my Ted Murphy, You Made a Black Woman Take Off Her Hair Weave post, so now I'm really excited about this new deal.

Of course the blogosphere is up in arms again, some for the PayPerPost new video ads deal, some against the PayPerPost new video ads deal, some right in the middle on the PayPerPost new video ads deal.

I'm grateful. This is just the kick in the rear I needed to upload a bunch of videos I've already recorded for the CBS/YouTube 15 Seconds contest and go thru this supposed list of free video editing software articles to learn how to edit my videos so I can be ready when PayPerPost unveils their new video ads deal this Monday.

Anybody willing to spill the love on their favorite free video editing software and where to download it?

Happy Vlogging, PayPerPosties!

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Laura said…
Hi Paula! Another good post from you.

I just tagged you on my site for creating a contract meme (wonder what that is, I did too). Here is the link to my post: (
Thanks, Laura, I'm headed over there today to see what's what. I love memes! Who ever came up with that name "meme" anyway?

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