If you had only 15 seconds to tell the world...

15 Seconds... by Paula Neal Mooney

So wonderfully funny the way the Lord works things out. Just last night I recorded my first ever 15 seconds worth of video on my hubby's cell phone, and uploaded that 15 seconds full of video to YouTube, the first time I ever uploaded a 15 second (or any kind of second) video on YouTube.

While on YouTube, my hubby and I caught the 15 Seconds video contest for CBS on the front page. "Wow, look at that," I said, marveling at God's whole flow of life. Check out the 15 seconds rules here and the 15 seconds video promo here:

I'll plow thru all the 15 seconds rules later (gotta live my life out of the blogosphere for a little bit, you know?) but here's the gist of it:

If you had 15 seconds to tell the world whatever you want to, what would you say? Well, now's your chance to be seen and heard on national television, courtesy of CBS Interactive. Post your 15-second video on YouTube, and CBS Interactive will select one to be broadcast on TV. The first selection will air on CBS Sunday, February 4, 2007.

Every two weeks, CBS Interactive will select five videos from the "15 Seconds on CBS YouTube" group and post them on cbs.com. These videos will qualify to run on national television.

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