Hey Ted Murphy - You made a black woman take off her hair weave...

Hey Ted Murphy - You made a black woman take off her hair weave... by Paula Neal Mooney

Well, actually, I only took off my "phony tail" and didn't bother to put it back on -- nor any make-up on my vain face -- on the short video I just shot below begging to win one each of the SWEET "ten awesome new 6 megapixel digital cameras and photo printers from our friends at HP" that you're giving away to us PayPerPosties at PayPerPost, who is generously paying for this post (if accepted) whether or not I'm blessed with one of those HP babies.

As much as I would love to submit one, please note that this isn't a video blogging opportunity. Why? Because, like any good PayPerPostie, I read the rules thoroughly and learned that those submitted videos "must be at least 30 seconds in length," and since I only have my hubbby's video phone to record with, this sucker is only 15 seconds. Check it:

Okay, so now that I've researched you more, Ted Murphy, King of the Posties, I've learned that you are not from HP, but the CEO of PayPerPost.com yourself. "We encourage them to be honest," you told the New York Post about us posties. And that's what you've got here -- an honest blogger.

So here are my reasons why you should "mack me out" with the HP photo gear:

* I'm honest. Check out my review of the HP digital cameras that aim to make folks look skinnier. Not scathing, not butt-kissing neither. Right down the middle of the Honest Blogging Road. Bloggers and customers can spot a fake blogger a mile away.

* I dropped my (non-HP) digital camera on the ground at Hershey Park in Pennsylvania, but even before that, it started taking really crappy-looking pics. Who can blog with that?

* I love HP stuff. I admit that I already own (there's that honesty popping up again) an HP Printer-Scanner-Copier which I already blogged about loving so much that I added it to my list of gifts that people should buy other bloggers waaaaaayyyy before this PayPerPost contest ever started. An HP printer specifically for printing photos would make my pics really pop.

* I'm the kind of woman who is so concerned about looking good, I drive with my knees so I can apply eye-liner in the rearview. But for you, Ted Murphy, and some that great HP equipment, I stripped my face and fake hair bare.

That's gotta deserve some HP swag, right? Sure as shootin' -- with a new HP camera, that is! Just let us know when you get a shipload of HP camcorders that'll hold more than 15 seconds of recording video...

This post was brought to you by HP.

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