Digital Camera That Makes You Look Skinnier

You gotta love the folks over at HP for creating these new digital cameras that help make you look skinnier. Even though I can't see a big difference in the before and after effect that HP shows on their site trying to slim down a rotund couple with the digital camera's slimming feature, I'm all for anything that doesn't put weight on me, but claims to do the reverse.

And it's cool how you can photoshop your stuff right on the camera itself, as opposed to my current method of downloading my pics to my PC then seeking out whatever free photoshopping software will do the trick before I remember that I own HP Image Zone.

Anyhoo, these are all the digital camera that contain the slimming feature, according to HP's site: » HP Photosmart R967 digital camera » HP Photosmart R927 digital camera » HP Photosmart R827 digital camera » HP Photosmart R727 digital camera » HP Photosmart R725 digital camera » HP Photosmart M627 digital camera » HP Photosmart M527 digital camera

And here they all are on sale at Amazon, though not all the Amazon descriptions specifically list "slimming feature" like HP's site does. Anyhoo, read all the feedback from the folks who love and hate them and make your own decision. I'll be looking up some other digital camera that my friend is all hot over...

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