How many of our family secrets are you going to reveal?

That's what my 85-year-old father asked me in an emailed titled "Go, go, Paula!"

Ah...there's the rub, as Shakespeare would say. This is what happens when you break down and give your dad your blog address. I'm 37, I figured, not 17. I shouldn't be afraid of him knowing me. (Though there are a couple of posts I hope he doesn't find.)

Anyhoo, I don't expect some kind of big Dooce deal with this, whose father didn't speak to her for three months after her brother read her blog posts to her computer illiterate parents.

Fortunately, my daddy knows his way around a PC, and is probably smarting to read this and see these pics of him as a little boy sitting on his mommy's lap. (Now you see where I get my "high yellowedness" from. Daddy says his mom was part black and Swedish. How I wish she'd looked up into the camera lens for this one, seeing as though this is the only pic I remember seeing of her.)

And this is the man I think is his dad. I don't know for sure...I never met either of my grandparents on my dad's side. But I keep staring at this photo by my doorway...looking for traces of my nose, my eyes. I think he is my blood...

We've come a long way, my dad and me. I like to call him The International Man of Mystery. I'm glad we're entering the final rungs of our full circle relationship.

Now that I'm motherless, I can reflect on my rocky-yet-loving-yet-totally-wonderful-yet-totally-horrible relationship with my mother, too. But I try and strike a balance. I remain respectful of other people and their privacy, lots of times to my detriment.

So, Daddy, to answer your question, How many of our family secrets will I reveal? Not many. Too many. I don't know. As long as people can type in random feelings like "angry mom" into search boxes and find my essays and blog posts, then the Lord leads them straight into my inbox or even into my church as He has, maybe I'd better spill even more family secrets.

Bookmark to find out more dirty laundry.

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Bonnie Calhoun said…
LOL...I haven't heard "...high yellow..." in 30 years!

I think you look like your grandmother. It's easy for me to see it, because I'm not familiar with you...but the man...I don't see anything!

Can't you ask your dad if that is his dad?
Hey Bonnie! Believe me, I have asked my dad many questions...and I don't call him The International Man of Mystery for nuthin'...
Bonnie Calhoun said…
That is so very wierd. LOL..My girlfriend had a mother like that. After her mom passed, she started one of those geneology hunts...ooh, baby! The things she found out!
A L Dobbins said…
OK Paula, let it all hang out, if necessary I'll move to Gary and change my name. This blogging is fun, even if I never make any money.
Much Love Daddy
Public Records said…
he do look like her grandmother
i can tell it by there eyes

so cute

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