Saturday, October 14, 2006

Popular Blogger Dooce Settles Lawsuit

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Heather B. Armstrong, better known to the cyber-universe as Dooce, began her blog ( back in February 2001. As of September 2006, Federated Media Publishing reported that the uber-popular draws 2.4 million pageviews per month.

Dooce’s large viewership must be warm comfort now for a woman who wrote that her site “chronicles her life from a time when I was single and making a lot of money as a web designer in Los Angeles, to when I was dating the man who would become my husband, to when I…lived life as an unemployed drunk…to when I threw up and became unbearably swollen during the pregnancy, to the birth, to the afermath, to the postparum depression that landed me in a mental hospital.”


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