Actress Paula Neal Mooney? Hmm....

It's always a fascinating thing to study the terms people type into Google to find your websites.

And the longer I'm online, the more interesting the searches get.

It's heady enough to see people sometimes search for you by name -- and downright weird when people start coupling your name with terms you'd never expect, like the time last month or so when I saw someone search for "Paula Mooney boobies" and landed on my site.

(You ain't gonna find that, I pray!)

But one search that made me smile and meditate on great things to come that I saw today was "about actress Paula Neal Mooney" that someone typed into Google to find this blog:

Because I like it...right...
I thought to myself:

Did they find the video I made for the Dark Girls moviemakers?

I threw the bleaching cream away...
Oh, I see that was written about on The Urban Daily, so praise God that people are thinking that's a part of the movie.

Heck, maybe it did make it into the movie about dark-skinned girls -- I haven't seen it yet because it's still opening across the country and will hopefully come close, to Cleveland or somewhere near us.

Oh yes, and you'll be happy to know that I threw the skin bleaching cream away after making that video and watching another documentary about the dangerous hydroquinone contained in that product that messed some other women's skin up.

I do, however, love that Clinique Dark Spot Corrector that -- combined with Jesus and Mederma -- really has faded that curling iron burn on my face.

Back to the acting thing...
So yes, I'm convinced that the video was at least inspiration for the directors to create the new "Yellow Brick Road" movie that's already in production -- I definitely pray I make that one!

A vision I had in the steam room yesterday, water from heaven
Seeing the word "actress" associated with my name unveiled a secret desire that felt good to see in print.

Of course, I know that "writer" will always be paramount in my life and soul and job here on earth and maybe beyond in the 3rd heaven, but that doesn't mean we should limit ourselves to the gifts that are most prevalent in us.

People have often asked me if I'm related to comedian/actor Paul Mooney -- I'm not -- but it's nice to see my name associated with the entertainment field I sometimes love and loathe (when it's bad stuff I want to do better than) in my own right.

I still laugh at myself when I watch that video above, with the crazy silver nail polish on my lips whose fumes felt like they nearly gave me a contact high -- and maybe that's why I forgot to scrub it off when the close up scenes were done. It's all good and all God of all grace, though...

When I create my list of things to do in 2012 that my friends and I are sharing with each other in a few days, I'll probably add something in addition to publishing more books on there, something acting related -- along with the writing work behind the scenes.

And even though most people like me have assumed we were too shy to act, take heart: Many actors are actually introverts!

So go for what you know in this coming New Year... it could lead somewhere very good.


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