Judge Mooney, Paul Mooney and me...

by Paula Neal Mooney

The Los Angeles Daily News is reporting that Dave Chappelle is hooking back up with his "The Chappelle Show" alum Paul Mooney for a BET pilot called "Judge Mooney," featuring Paul Mooney as the judge.

Paul "Judge" Mooney said the new "Judge Mooney" show will feature him trying real cases, but giving a Paul Mooney-styled version of the events.

The new show should be interesting, especially in light of Mooney's vow to stop using the N-word in his routine in the aftermath of Michael Richards' tirade. I followed suit in light of the feedback I received after writing about the whole mess.

I'm not Paul Mooney's daughter!
Judge Mooney should be a good turn for Paul, and me as well, since plenty of folks often find my blog by accidentally typing "Paula Mooney" when searching for the comedian.

Recently, some blessed person even asked if I was Paul "Judge" Mooney's daughter.

How kind of them not to say Paul Mooney's mom, I responded, but set them straight that I'm not at all (that I know of) related to the funny man.

"Aren't you glad you married me?" Mr. Mooney asked me as I chuckled while reading up on the new Judge Mooney show.

That was my husband speaking, not Paul.

"Yep," I answered, thinking way beyond the influx of search-engine traffic headed my way.

I sure am.

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zaki said…
It must me funny experience when people associate you with Paul Mooney!!! Does the confusion happen everyday?

Does that gave you some added advantage on your traffic? Just wandering....

Anyway, thanks for the info in the email. I need to sign up for Picasa first....
I'm glad for Paul Mooney, I think it's time he get some spotlight. He has been such an innovator with comedy and not too many people know about him. He has written for all the greats and his stand-up routine is always funny
blogpaul said…
Ok smarty I read the whole article but I have no idea who Paul Mooney...although I AM a big fan of Paula Mooney!
theBarefoot said…
You are so Paul Mooney's daughter. Neener.
Martin Lindsey. said…
O.K. I was just waiting for you to say it first but that was too funny when that impersonator (I forget the singer's name she immitates but I can see her face) replied to a post one day thinking you were Paul Mooney's daughter. I cracked up!
Anonymous said…
I don't think Paul Mooney should stop using the "N" word because he understands it and so don't we. I think he is incredible. I recently learned who he is and saw his show. I love how he is not affraid to address the suddleties of modern day slavery.

Lorraine from Springfield MA

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