Paul Mooney on Michael Richards: He cured me of using the n-word.

I love that people confuse me, Paula Mooney, with Paul Mooney the comedian, who has recently spoken out about not using the word nigger anymore in Paul Mooney's stand-up routines because of Michael Richards' tirade.

In fact, searches for Paul Mooney have helped certain people stumble upon Paula Mooney's blog and I'm lovin' it too much!

It's funny, because I never totally cared for Paul Mooney. He is attractive, as you can tell from his pic. I always liked his honesty -- usually helped along by a drink teetering in his hand and reddened eyes -- but I always thought his humor had a hateful vibe to it.

In fact, because of my feelings toward Paul Mooney, I chose not to name my son Paul, but something else that my hubby chose one minute after he was born that goes along nicely with Mooney.

So Paul Mooney is getting a lot of attention because surprisingly, the Rev. Jesse Jackson brought Paul Mooney along with other Black leaders on Monday to a press conference that challenged us all to stop using the racial slur that Michael Richards used.

Sounds good to me. But see, the thing is, the only reason I used "nigger" so much in my intial post (I never use it in real life -- only to describe what someone else said -- I never even call another black woman "girl" because of that old racial connotation) was for search engine optimization.

This brotha -- who impressivey writes for The Huffington Post -- says Paul Mooney is a "legendary comic who was Richard Pryor's running buddy and writing partner back in the day. He also wrote for everyone from Sanford and Son to In Living Color, with a stage show so blue he once used the n-word about as many times as Robin Williams changes personalities."

"He's my Dr. Phil," Paul Mooney said about Michael Richards yesterday. "He's cured me."
That's a good thing.

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