$50,462.77 total writing income online for 2010 - Thank you Jesus and Examiner.com!

$50,462.77 total writing income online for 2010 - Thank you Jesus and Examiner.com!

On New Year's day I took a few hours to go through all my accounts and see who paid me monies into PayPal, Chase, the now defunct National City, etc. and find the grand total of from gross income for 2010. The drum roll total is $50, 462.77 -- with total expenses I've thus far calculated at $2,737.94 paid for stuff like web adverts, video editing software, web hosting and the like.

Hopefully I'll find some more expenses to deduct from that gross income total so my tax situation will be even less. I should be a lot happier. After all, 2009 brought in around $44k...

▷▷▷▷▷▷▷How Much Money Do Bloggers Make Online? 2009 Brought Me $43,932.84 | PAULA NEAL MOONEY

And if memory serves, 2008 brought in around $40k.

So thank the Lord that my income is rising. I've just been bummed because I feel like I'm taking a good, hard look at myself and how much better I need to get at saving and preparing for tax time more efficiently and effectively. At least it's the beginning of the year, and I've got time to save and change and get ready for April 15th. Right now I'm just going through some internal machinations to figure out why I give and how I spend my money and what's at the root of spending I've done irresponsibly.

In the meantime, the breakdown is as such:
PAYEE  Totals 
Google Adsense        9,270.01
AMAZON        6,446.39
CJ            438.94
eBay Partner            222.22
Kontera        1,107.35
Linkshare              58.72
Clarity Digital Group, LLC      31,184.82
Yahoo! Contributor Network        1,556.51
Text Link Ads, Inc            129.06
AOL LLC              20.00
GRAND TOTAL:      50,462.77

As expected, Examiner.com (Clarity Digital Group, LLC)brought in the bulks of the income at over $31k for the year -- with the Tiger Woods and Bishop Eddie Long scandal contributing to that figure significantly.

Google Adsense held its own across all my blogs with nearly $10k in income for the year. And that's despite me blocking all those "get rich quick" ads. God helped me with writing about all the scams over on PaulaNealMooney.com, and that income is kind of on auto-pilot from what I've already written.

Amazon.com sales are next at nearly $7,000 for the year -- but I got to be honest: I was surprised that I didn't make more sales this past Christmas.

The other sources are good. We'll see what major source of new income stream comes flowing into my life in 2011. I've got a feeling it's not going to be one of these puppies -- but that it will end up surpassing them all, not only in income numbers, but great opportunity as well.

Be blessed and don't give up hope.


EMO_@_art said…
waaw your article AMAZING,,,,,,
after read this I will same as You,, but I don,t know to start this..
But Now I am still writting on Blogger.com , dont forget visit My blog.... Thanks

JPWarlick said…
Did you get a hosting package? I am confused, I want to sell for Commision Junction and Linkshare, can I do that with blogspot account?
Godis3inOne said…
Praise God all right! Jesus is so cool; He works on the internet, too, to bless His church. I only made $200 last year on Google Adsense, though. What's Examiner.com all about, though. You wrote on another blog about Apple affiliate program, but I didn't see the earnings for it on this post. God bless! Sandy
Godis3inOne said…
Hey there. I just left a comment and question about Examiner.com. But when I went to that url, I get this pesky pop up note about winning something. I couldn't get out of the window, either. It's a pain when those pop ups do that and I had to quit my browser a few times. So what's the deal with that? Do you know that it does that? All I read on another blog was that it is a place for writing articles. I don't trust those "click here to see what you have won". Help a sister out. Thanks.
Hi Godis3inone - Yes, I don't trust the "click here and you have won" things either.

There are plenty of scams out there that I write about on my other website PaulaNealMooney.com.

And Apple has discontinued their affiliate program, so that's why there's no earnings post for them.

Stay tuned to my new site, 50over50k.com, that will show real people making real money online.

Hi JpWarlick -
Yes, you can sell CJ and Linkshare stuff on blogspot because they provide you with link text and html code you can place on your blogspot blog.
HeywardMedia said…
Your post is truly an aspire to inspire!!! Stories like these always keep me motivated. I can do it too, with patience. I will definitely be reading your blog frequently.
yoga said…
Would you share to us how you make money? thanks
Godis3inOne said…
Hey Paula,
I asked you about Examiner.com and the pop up about winning something. I don't want to click OK because I don't trust those sites so I have to quit my browser because it jams my browser. Why is that happening? Are you aware of that? My site has been linked to bogus pages that show up as 404 and when I go to these sites, they link me to the same pop up as I got when I went to Examiner.com. I see a connection but not quite sure. Can you please shed some light and explain what Examiner.com is anyway?
In Christ's love,
Hi Sandy,

Yes, I wouldn't click on any winning something ad or whatever it is.

I don't know if you're talking about the pop-under ads? I use Firefox browser so I always hover over them on my toolbar below and then close them out.

You shouldn't have to quit your browser because it jams it -- I haven't experienced that -- unless you're talking about those scam ads that I write about and expose on PaulaNealMooney.com a lot. Like the ones that talk about some mom making $6k per month or whatever?

Yes, those ads sometimes repeatedly require you to click on the X to close them out and not hit "ok" I don't do that either -- those are the same ads that show up on many popular news sites all around the web.

I don't know what the 404 error pages are, though.

Examiner.com is a writing website that takes applications from writers -- and if accepted, writers can try and make money by getting views on their articles.

It's the same kind of deal like Associated Content, who was bought by Yahoo! I write for them as well, and get paid for pageviews.

Lately, though, I'm also turning my attention to building up my own websites and writing books, like 50over50k.com.

Hope all that info helps you more.

Take care and peace,
Yes, yoga, check out 50over50k.com and I will update my money-making methods.
Mary Krueger said…
Hi Paula, Wishing you every continued blessing, happiness and success possible, With admiration & respect, from Mary (Rozewski) Krueger, Littleton COLORADO USA
Seth said…
Really inspiring Paula. I have been a Ghostwriter for years and yet to make that amount. Shows there is still hope. Probably due to geography and access. I found your blog a great place to stick around. Keep shining and share on more ways to make money online. We'll appreciate.!
Ajaye said…
Well done.
I hope I make that sort of money one day!


Thank you for your information. Been wanting to try online writing for a while. Pop culture is not my thing but after reading about your success, I'm very interested in trying it. What sources would I tap into to actually get information to write about celebs' lives that is reliable and truthful?

Hi Nicole -

Yes, even though it feels harder to get as many pageviews on Examiner.com as it used to, I still like it as a reliable source of income if you work hard and write a lot and SEO your articles.

To find pop culture stories and the like, I check Google Trends, Alexa.com "What's Hot" list (updates every 5 minutes), most popular Google News stories, YouTube Trends blog, Most-Viewed videos on Youtube, Yahoo Buzz Log, AOL and places like that.

Stop back and let me know how it all works for you. Take care, Paula
chrisgots said…
how does clarity digital give you money? wow and still cant believe that you got over 6000dollars from amazon!! amazing!
i hope you visit my site as well!! im still new and hoping to get get income from it:)


visit cebu as well! hehe:)
Anonymous said…
Hi Paula, I enjoy reading all of your tips and success and wish you more of it! I have started my own website www.learningphiles.com and have tried to link my amazon associates but it does not work. The page just reloads, any ideas?

Take care,